It looks like TLC is wanting to move on from the King family on Family by the Ton Season 2 tonight, as we are already going to have the moment of truth for all of them! How is that possible? I am assuming that means Casey will not be going through with the surgery on Family by the Ton 2019? Check out a sneak peek video for Episode 6 below in our Family by the Ton Season 2 spoilers!

Family by the Ton Season 2 Spoilers - Episode 6 Sneak Peek - The Kings Reveal

Last week on Family by the Ton 2019, we saw the big blowup between Casey, Amy and Amanda during Ed’s surgery. He felt attacked and Amy said he doesn’t like to be called out on things. This all discourages him from wanting to do the surgery, but he does move in with his mom to help out on things and goes to see a personal trainer, so props to him on that. Amy and her dad signed up for the Spartan Race, which now has Amy freaking, especially since it is such a long and intense race and she’s unsure if she can make it through it all. Then Amanda is finally able to get her cancer checked out and see if it spread any over the past two years.

For tonight’s episode, it looks like the big reveals are coming for the King family! Yes, Ed just got his surgery last week and Casey hasn’t even gotten it yet, but the preview video talks about making the big reveal and people haven’t seen me for months. They are definitely speeding up this process, huh?

Well, that could be because the Andersons will be making a return to Family by the Ton next week! We followed their journey during Season 1 and now it is time to check in on them for Family by the Ton Season 2!

Family by the Ton airs tonight on TLC at 10/9c.

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