A brand new season of Face Off is upon us and last night we had our first elimination. Who got eliminated from Face Off season 12 last night? Keep reading to find out! Face Off: Divide and Conquer - Season 12Last night the contestants on Face Off season 12 were split into two special effects shops. Twisted Six Effects and Ethereal Effects competed head to head to last night on Face Off. Find out who won and who was sent home right here!

Last night after both teams designed extremely impressive make-ups for their werewolf challenge, the judges picked a winning team. With that they also named an individual winner for last night’s challenge. The winner from last night’s challenge was:

Joseph Drobezko Face Off Season 12 ContestantJoseph Drobezko

With Ethereal Effects winning, that meant that someone from Twisted Six Effects had to be sent home. Out of the six contestants on the opposing team, the judges felt that one individual’s work was the least impressive and decided to send them home. Who was it? It was:

Laura McCormick Contestant on Face Off Season 12Laura McCormick

Make sure you come back next week to find out who will win and who will be eliminated on Face Off season 12! What did you think of last night’s Face Off season 12 premiere? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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