Last night’s episode of Face Off 2017 was something out of a fairy tale storybook. Mainly because the teams had to design fairy tale characters to go along with a portrait of a house on Face Off season 12. The only catch was, they had to be a family. However, cohesion seemed to be an issue for both teams last night on Face Off season 12. Face Off Season 12 Spoilers Who Got Eliminated Last Night Week 3Last night on Face Off season 12, both teams had a hard time with getting all three of their fairy tale characters to look like they belonged in the same family. Twisted Six Effects had two characters whose paint jobs didn’t really work for their families and Ethereal Effects had one character that didn’t belong in their chipmunk family at all. So, who was eliminated on Face Off 2017 last night?

The team that went on to win last night was Ethereal Effects, which is their third win in a row. Andrew Freeman was named the individual winner last night. Which he was very surprised about because whimsical isn’t usually something he is comfortable doing.

With that being said, Twisted Sic Effects lost, even though they gained Joseph Drobezko before the challenge to make the teams even. At the end, Nick Fischer was sent home and it wasn’t because of his work. Glenn Hetrick told him that the reason he was sent home was because he committed make-up artistry sacrilege. He made a poor choice when he removed Jill’s clay from her form during the sculpting phase of the challenge.

Make sure you come back next week to find out what happens when the teams on Face Off season 12 have to design demons!

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