Tonight on Face Off season 12, the teams will have to design make-ups inspired by hive minded insects. Each team will have to come up with a concept for a queen, worker and drone aliens on Face Off 2017. If you missed last week’s episode of Face Off season 12, check out my recap right here! Face Off: Divide and Conquer Recap: Week 2 - Hive MindTonight’s episode of Face Off season 12 started off with the teams picking their insects that will be used as inspiration for their make-ups. Twisted Six Effects choose to go with wasps and Ethereal Effects choose to use termites for their insects. They will also have to make hatching baby aliens to go with their designs! Keep reading for all the details!

The teams get to work sculpting their designs and Michael Westmore walks in to give them some pointers. He really gives the teams some great advice about how they can get their concepts to come together. Twisted Six Effects decided that because the queen is always the biggest wasp, they were going to use their male model as their queen.

Mr. Westmore thinks that if they can give the make-up enough femininity, it could work, but he is having a hard time with the idea. He also mentions that they might want to do a neck on the sculpt to cover the male model’s Adam’s apple.

After ripping apart the idea and giving them some great advice on how to make it work, he moves on to the other make-ups. The other designs seem to be really busy and he tells them to do some more research and rework it. They do and the team seems happier with the design after it is fixed.

Day two starts off with Andrew helping Nelson rework the queen on Ethereal Effects’ side of the work room. Later there seems to be some issues when Suzanne feels like the rest of her team doesn’t trust her. She decided that she was going to do a two piece mold when the rest of the team thinks the extra work isn’t necessary. She asks them just to have some faith in her and continues to go with her original plan.

Day three begins and the teams are finding themselves racing against the clock. Jill on Twisted Six Effects feels really good about where everything is going with their designs. After the end of day three, Jill is worried that their shop might be on the bottom because Ethereal Effects’ designs are more cohesive than theirs. We will have to see what happens when they get done with Last Looks and reveal to the judges!

After Last Looks the designs are revealed to tonight’s judges, Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page and Eryn Krueger Mekash! I personally think that Ethereal Effects won this challenge because all of their designs are cohesive and they look like they all came from the same planet. Twisted Six Effects didn’t have that cohesion and Jill had a reason to be worried.

The judges did point out some great things about both teams designs and some flaws with both teams designs. In the end, the judges felt that Ethereal Effects had the better design and named Faina Rudshteyn as the winner. With that being said, someone from Twisted Six Effects was sent home. That person was Al Tuskes!

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