Tonight we kick off a brand new season of Face Off with the contestants being split into two teams of six. They will be competing head to head every week until there is only one left standing! Keep reading to find out what happened tonight on the Face Off season 12 premiere! Face Off: Divide and Conquer Recap: Season 12 Premiere - Pack LeadersTonight on Face Off we find out which contestants will be on each team! You are not going to want to miss anything this season on Face Off! Each season there is new talent and better challenges, this season we even get a twist! Keep reading to find out what the twist is!

We started off the episode with a quick introduction of each contestant and after they all get to where McKenzie is, they find out what this season’s concept is. They will be working on teams and each week a contestant from the losing team will be eliminated. Each week they will also be picking a foreman or forewoman who will be delegating tasks to the rest of the team. They pick those people for this week and then find out what their first spotlight challenge is!

Each team will be designing a werewolf pack based on real wolves which are there for them to use as inspiration. The teams get some time in the woods with their wolves to start their designing. Each team is having their own sets of struggles. The most common struggle is finding the right balance in their make-ups when it comes to the human to wolf ratio.

After Michael Westmore comes in and gives them some advice on their designs, it’s crunch time for the teams. After three long days, the artists all head to last looks with their teams to finish up their make-ups before the big reveal! The two teams are Twisted Six Effects and Ethereal Effects and both teams have done a remarkable job on their werewolf packs. Which team came out on top?

After the judges look closer at the make-ups, they have chosen a winner for this week. The winning team is Team Ethereal Effects, with Joseph named as the individual winner. Which means someone from Twisted Six Effects will be going home. Jill, Phil and KC are safe. After talking to the other three contestants, they decided to send Laura home this week.

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