After Twisted Six Effects lost two weeks in a row on Face Off season 12, there will be a little mix up in the teams tonight. After the mix up the teams will find out what their next assignment will be on Face Off 2017! I can’t wait to see what happens tonight on Face Off season 12! If you missed last week’s episode, you can get all the details here in my Face Off recap! Face Off: Divide and Conquer Recap: Week 3 - Dream HouseTonight on Face Off season 12, the teams will have to design fairy tale characters to match a portrait of a house given to them. I love any challenge that has to do with fairy tales and Face Off. Every time there is a fairy tale challenge I am completely blown away. Keep reading to find out what happens tonight on Face Off season 12!

We started off the episode off with Joseph being moved from Ethereal Effects to Twisted Six Effects to make the teams even. He is really excited about the change, but when McKenzie tells them their challenge and then tells them they only have two days for this challenge, no one is very excited.

Nick is the foreperson for Twisted Six Effects and no one seems to be really taking a lead in this, but not everyone agrees with the direction he is going in. Phil has been banished to the mold room, but he knows that Al was sent home because he didn’t contribute. He goes to find Nick. Nick gives him the chest orbs to sculpt. Smart move by Phil in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Suzanne is the foreperson for Ethereal Effects and is trying to change their concept so that Kierstin can change her design to match the others. She was having a hard time getting her sculpt to be more cohesive with the other sculpts. Michael Westmore comes in and takes a look at the sculpts thus far and he is pretty impressed with the work that is going on. He is able to give some great feedback to the contestants, as always.

After Michael Westmore comes in, Jill starts to smooth out some of the vines on the face of her sculpt, Mr. Westmore told her that they looked like bad veins. Nick is trying to take over her design though and she gets frustrated and walks away from him after telling him she isn’t okay with him taking it over. She really just wants him to trust that she can change it and get it done even though they are on a tough time schedule.

When Jill comes back, Nick has already removed her clay from her form and she is no happy about it at all! She tells him that she would rather take a picture of what he has done and do her own sculpt. She is all set to take accountability for her make-up at the reveal. She is able to throw her mold together before the end of the day.

Day two, application day, Nick calls a team meeting at the start of the day in hopes to smooth things over from the day before. After the models come in and they start application, Jill has a problem with the base color for her face. Her character is supposed to be more of a warm tone, the base is really light.

Meanwhile on the other side of the work room, Ethereal Effects seems to be working pretty seamlessly together. Kierstin’s new face piece came out okay, but the make-ups are still not looking very cohesive. Not sure it was a good call for them to change their concept. It is now time for Last Looks and the teams and models head out! Which team do you think will win this challenge?

At last looks, Nick steps in and takes over Jill’s painting, but the characters look like they belong together. Meanwhile, Ethereal Effects makeups are still not looking too good. They might actually be the bottom team this week!

At the reveal, Kierstin’s make-up sticks out and not in a good way. She even says that she doesn’t think she pushed her make-up hard enough. The other two characters are pretty flawless though. I will say that Twisted Six Effects has a really good looking fairy tale family. I do agree with Jill though, her characters face should have been a little on the warmer side.

Nick gets an earful from Glenn Hetrick about him removing Jill’s clay from her form. Glenn tells him that doing something like that is the equivalent of sacrilege. The judges are very impressed with the cohesion of Twisted Six Effects work, but didn’t like the execution of the paint jobs.

When it comes to Ethereal Effects, they are told that their characters don’t look like they are a family. One of their characters, which looks like a tree, doesn’t really fit with their chipmunk family. This is going to be a close call, but I think that Twisted Six Effects may have won this one.

After the judges, Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page, Ve Neill and Elizabeth Mitchell spoke to each team about their make-ups, they announce the winning team. The winning team this week on Face Off season 12 is Ethereal Effects with Andrew being the individual winner. That means someone from Twisted Six will be sent home tonight and that person is Nick Fischer! Glenn tells him that it is mainly because of what he did to Jill’s sculpt.

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