A great show tonight!  We had our first perfect score of the season, the team dances started with a cha cha challenge, and all the couples stepped it up with their technique.

First up was Erin and Maks with the quickstep and I have to say, I love this lady.  She receives death threats from a psycho stalker and still comes on week after week and gives it her all.  I have so much respect for her and she is definitely in it to win it.  Len says it was Erin’s best performance; Bruno thought it was brilliant and Carrie Ann said it was gorgeous.  They received all 9’s from the judges.

Chad and Cheryl dance the Viennese Waltz and Cheryl brought in Tony Dovolani to help with Chad’s technique and it paid off for the football star who was so smooth and elegant.  Bruno couldn’t believe Chad was so gentle and graceful; Carrie Ann said there’s nothing sexier than a man finding out how to be tender and Len thinks this is the night he became a contender.  They all thought he needed to work on his arm extensions.  Carrie and Bruno scored him an 8 and Len a 9.  Today is Cheryl’s birthday and she was sporting a new diamond necklace given to her by Chad.  Something is definitely going on with these two because you can feel the chemistry between them through the television screen.

Nicole and Derek danced the waltz and for the first time this season I got chills.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Carrie Ann said Nicole was by far the best dancer they’ve ever had but she felt the connection wasn’t quite there; Len loved the routine and performance but had a couple little technical issues and Bruno thought she was close to dancing royalty but had a few little mistakes.  They are awarded all 9’s from the judges.

Pamela and Damien dance the waltz and once again Pamela surprises me.  They have awesome chemistry and the dance was very romantic.  Her ability to “play” all her roles in these dances is atonishing to me.  Len says a very tough dance and you need to work on firming up your upper body; Bruno thought it was pure and demure and Carrie Ann thought she made huge improvements on her legs.  They receive all 8’s.

Niecy and Louis perform the quickstep.  I thought there was no way Niecy would get all those steps but she did it.  Still there was something lacking for me, maybe it was all a little slow or something.  I can’t put my finger on it but all the judges thought it was her best dance to date.  Len and Bruno gave them an 8 and Carrie Ann gave them a 9. 

Evan and Anna closed with the Argentine Tango and it was amazing.  Evan really had the character down and took charge of the dance for the first time.  They receive a standing ovation.  Carrie Ann says Evan has the eye of the tiger; so sexy and refined.  Len thought it was fantastic and Bruno said he danced like a true alpha male.  They are given the first perfect score of the season, all 10’s. 

The cha cha challenge starts with Team Ga Ga who is Pamela, Nicole and Chad.  This team oozes sex and they don’t disappoint with this dance.  Pamela was the weak link and Nicole was by far the best but they all did good with the group part and were given all 9’s from the judges.

Team Madonna was much less sexy and more cute.  You could tell they were having fun with the routine and Erin was definitely the best of the three.  Evan needs help with the hip action and Niecy was all spice and shaking her tail feather.  They were a little out of sync in the group part and were awarded all 8’s from the judges so Team Ga Ga won the challenge.

Who do you think is in danger of going home tomorrow?  I’m thinking we will say goodbye to Pamela.

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