The top 4 dancers from DWTS really laid it all out there tonight.  There were no bad dances and everyone was on top of their game.

Erin and Maks danced the Viennese waltz first and it was beautiful.  Erin was elegant and has improved so much.  Len said she made a giant leap through the door; Bruno thought her fluidity of lines had improved leaps and bounds and Carrie said she adored watching her.  Their second dance was the Paso doble and she gave it an all out effort to prove why she should be in the finals.  Their combined score was a 56. 

Nicole and Derek danced the Argentine tango as their first dance and while I think Nicole is an incredible dancer, she doesn’t have anything to improve on so it’s not as much fun to watch her.  Bruno says she was like a divine enchantress; Carrie is crying and Nicole gives her a hug.  I mean come on, it wasn’t that special.  I know I’m cold hearted but can’t help it because that was just plain cheesy.  Len says it was more delicious then his grandmother’s apple pie.  Their second dance was the Cha Cha Cha and I liked it much better.  This dance actually wowed me and for me was the best of the season.  Bruno said she was a sexylicious purple queen of the cha cha cha.  Their combined score was a 59.

Ched and Cheryl began with the waltz and I loved it!  He was graceful and the posture was almost perfect.  He is the only one with no dance experience and has proven why he deserves to be here.  Carrie says he nailed it; Len thought it was fantastic and Len said they always give him the toughest criticism because they knew he had it in him and tonight he proved he was a star.  Their next dance was the samba and it wasn’t as awesome as the first but I’m sure it had my girls Jeanne and BG drooling on the floor when Cheryl ripped off his shirt.  Bruno is torn between adoration and bitter envy.  Their combined total is a 52 which puts them in last place.

Evan and Anna danced the foxtrot and I for one was glad to see some personality from Evan.  He looked like he was having a great time out there and he is my favorite of the season.  Len said it was overall a great performance; Bruno thought he was as high as a kite and Carrie felt the connection and thanks him for listening to their critiques.  Their second dance was the Paso doble and it had fire and intensity.  He really showed emotion and grabs Anna at the end of the dance and lays one on her lol.  They are tied for first with a 59.

Tom announced that Jake and Vienna would be performing a waltz together next week and I just rolled my eyes.  I think they are as hungry for the cameras as Spencer and Heidi.

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