This week all the stars had to learn two dances.  With this added pressure we saw some lower scores but Nicole and Derek danced their way back to number 1.

Chad & Cheryl danced both the tango and a 60’s jive with a combined score of 45.  This was low in my opinion because other than hearing about his bad posture and needing to be more polished there wasn’t much criticism from the judges.  Not sure what they have against the “O” man but I enjoyed watching him dance.  The jive was better than the tango and was full of energy and fun to watch while the tango was full of anger and at times leaving Chad with a funny look on his face.

Niecy & Louis danced the Viennese Waltz and a 90’s Paso Doble.  Not real impressed with this lady.  Her paso doble wasn’t good as her arms were flopping all over the place and at times seemed a little out of control.  Her waltz was better and flowed much more smoothly but still not up to par this far along in the competition.  They received a combined score of 43 and are in last place at the moment.  It is time for this lady to go.

Erin and Maks danced the Argentine Tango and an 80’s Rumba.  I loved the tango.  She was on fire and they definitely had the hotness factor so much so that Carrie Ann grabbed Len and kissed his cheek.  Their rumba was ok but not spectacular however the ending was passionate and I love the chemistry she and Maks have together.  One thing about Erin, she has the courage to stand out on that stage and dance alone which I’ve yet to see from the others.  Their combined score was a 53.

Evan and Anna performed the waltz and a futuristic cha cha.  I love Evan and thought his waltz was full of romance and absolutely beautiful.  The judges thought his lines were impeccable.  His cha cha was suppose to be from the future and it was very robotic but in a good way.  They were going for the android look and they nailed it.  I thought it was creative and helped Evan out since his hip action for the Latin routines seem lacking.  Their combined score was 51 again too low in my opinion.

Nicole and Derek are back at number one with the foxtrot and a 1950’s paso doble.  I honestly think it’s a little unfair to have Nicole in the competition since she is a professional dancer even if it’s not this style because there’s nothing this girl can’t do and the fake tears during their video probably gave them some sympathy votes.  Their paso doble earned them a standing ovation and perfects scores from the judges with a total of 59.

Who do you think should go home tomorrow night?

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