The semifinals on Dancing with the Stars 2013 took place last night and the couples performed two routines in hopes of winning over your votes, including Zendaya Coleman and Val Chmerkovskiy. They have been one of the favorites to win Dancing with the Stars Season 16 since the very beginning and their DWTS 2013 performances last night may have kept them in the race. Check out Zendaya and Val perform during the semifinals on DWTS 2013 below!

Dancing with the Stars 2013 - Zendaya and Val

The couples performed two routines last night on Dancing with the Stars 2013, which was there normal ballroom routine and another routine picked by Twitter fans. Zendaya was begging for her fans to pick hip hop for them and the fans came out to vote, so hip hop it was…which Val was not too thrilled about!

First Performance – Quickstep

For their first performance, they took on the Quickstep. This routine had so much energy and they were flying around the dance floor, but at times it looked like Val was whipping Zendaya around. I still loved it and how fast they were able to move. The DWTS judges were not as impressed and thought it was sloppy because of how fast it was and they received a 25/30 score.

Second Performance – Hip Hop

I found this routine to be interesting. Zendaya was working it out and looked real good, but I found myself focusing more on Val than Zendaya. I was intrigued to see how he would do taking on hip hop and he did very well. Zendaya had it down and Val stepped up his game for a dance style he was not familiar with and the judges loved it for a perfect score!

The couple ended up with a 55/60 total score, which was good for only fourth place! Are they in danger of being voted off Dancing with the Stars 2013 tonight???

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