While we all enjoyed the latest version of A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, I’m not sure “A Lipoma Is Born” will be as appealing on Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2 tonight! Dr. Sandra Lee will be working to remove those lipomas tonight on Dr. Pimple Popper 2019, so check out tonight’s patients below in our Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2 recap!

Dr Pimple Popper Season 2 Spoilers - Episode 8 Recap

Here are the patients we watched tonight on Dr. Pimple Popper:


She has a large, heart-shaped lump on her back that she’s had for about nine years. She said it feels like Jell-O back there. It’s right on her spine, so she is worried about that. She has lost 131 pounds in the last year and a half, so she thought this lump would shrink when she lost weight, but it has gotten bigger. She’s lost the weight, but has to continue to cover up because of the lump.

Barb is hoping Dr. Lee can help her out today. She said lipomas don’t change size because of weight gain or loss. She doesn’t know why it’s heart-shaped and it could be trying to avoid some structure in there, but she thinks it’s a lipoma. The lump is 17 centimeters wide! It took some TLC, but Dr. Lee was able to get it out in one piece! It’s huge and wild, but Barb feels like she has finally emerged from her old body. I love her and her personality!


He has been dealing with two painful bumps on his back for a few years now, as the first one showed up about 10 years ago. In 2014, a doctor thought it was his rotator cuff and removing the bumps wouldn’t help, but now he is so much pain, so good job on that doctor! He’s not sure what’s going on and he needs answers and he’s hoping Dr. Lee can help him.

Dr. Lee said the bumps seem quite hard, which is concerning. He can move his shoulders and actually get the bumps to hide. This makes her wonder if they are underneath the muscle, but she thinks they are lipoma. She wants to do a CT scan to see if anything is connected, so he’ll be back later on Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2!


She has large, gooey bumps on her eyes. She said when she blinks, it’s uncomfortable. She has had surgery three times now, as they cut them open and let the liquid out. However, three months later, they are back. They are stopping her from living her life, as she has depression and anxiety because of these bumps.

Dr. Lee takes a look at them and said they are hidrocystomas, which is a type of cyst that primarily happen around the eyes. She can try and remove them, but there is always the chance some or all of them come back. However, she said she has some tricks up her sleeves to stop that from happening. She is going to pay special attention to the sacs and it’s crazy this liquid coming out. Hilda is so happy after Dr. Lee finishes and wants everyone to see her eyes!


He has a lump on his head and has no idea what it is, as he went to bed one night nine years ago and then woke up and it was there. It has grown over the years and he’s wanted to slice it open, but always got scared.

Dr. Lee comes in and she said the bump is very mobile and jumpy, but she can see how nervous Art is on Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2! She goes in and cuts that open, as it has a white liquid in it. It’s pretty solid liquid, but she empties it out and gets it all removed and stitched back up. She calmed him down and said she won over another one!


After getting his CT scan, Bob is back to find out what’s going on! The results showed they aren’t lipomas, but it’s a rarer condition called elastofibroma dorsi, which is a benign condition. The growths happen under the scapula and why he is getting pain. Because of that, it’s not a dermatologist issue and she has to send him to a specialist to take care of these. Bob is upset she can’t take care of it, but he got some answers and he can move forward to get this resolved.


For Hilda, her cysts have come back somewhat and Dr. Lee said it’ll take a few visits to hopefully get rid of them fully, but Hilda is loving it and her confidence is back. For Bob, he has found a specialist and has an appointment setup for two weeks from when they updated. It’s been five weeks since Barb saw Dr. Lee and she is doing great and feels like she is living her best life now!

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