Top 10 contestant Didi Benami was eliminated from American Idol 2010 tonight.  What an absolute shame seeing as she was in the bottom two with Tim Urban aka Sanjaya.  Urban has to be the worst finalist in AI history and for a guy who didn’t even make the original Top 24 I’d say he has to be pretty pleased with himself. 

I personally liked Didi pretty well.  Her voice sort of reminded me of Nora Jones and I think if she had made better song choices she probably would have faired much better.  Still she has to be feeling pretty bad leaving before Urban who barely even stays in tune.  I’ve lost all confidence in the show this season and worry that once Simon Cowell leaves we will see the end of what used to be the most popular television show in the country. 

Did you think Didi was the right choice to go home tonight?  Tell me why or why not.

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