Finally I have something good to say about this season of American Idol and it is not the contestants. Season 7 winner David Cook opened the show with a rock rendition of The Rolling Stone’s Jumpin Jack Flash.  He reminded me of how talented a true American Idol is suppose to be.

Why can’t we have a rocker on this season?  Casey James is the closest and thank God for him because I don’t know if I could keep watching without that eye candy to look forward too.  🙂

Orianthi stole the show singing her hit single According to You.  This chick rocks and she can jam with that electric guitar.

For those who don’t know, Orianthi was hand picked by Michael Jackson to be his lead guitarist for his comeback concert series This Is It and performed with Steve Vai when she was only 14 years old.  She was named in the top 12 of the greatest female electric guitarists.  I’d say we will be seeing her around for a long time.

Lacey Brown was the first contestant of the Top 12 of American Idol Season 9 to get eliminated and this was no shocker as she has delivered one off key performance after another since reaching the Top 24.  Tim Urban, probably the worst AI finalist of all time, is still in the competition.

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