This is it tonight on Dancing with the Stars All Stars: either you make the finale or you go home one step away from dancing for the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars 2012. With five couples left, they all brought their A-Game last night and it could be any one of them leaving us tonight on DWTS All Stars. It is another double elimination tonight and only three couples will make it to the Dancing with the Stars All Stars Finale, so come back and find out who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars All Stars during my Dancing with the Stars results show live recap!

Last night the five remaining couples had a battle on the dance floor and Shawn and Derek came out on top with Melissa and Tony not too far behind and then Apolo and Karina right behind them. Kelly and Val and Emmitt and Cheryl were tied for the bottom spot, but with America voting none of that matter. You never know what they will do, especially since they sent home Gilles and Peta last week!

Tonight it will be all about who makes the Dancing with the Stars All Stars Finale, but also during the episode we will get to see a special performance from the guest judge from this season Paula Abdul. She will be performing for the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance. I haven’t seen Paula dance in years, so this will be cool to see. So, come back and watch with me tonight during my Dancing with the Stars results show live recap!

We start out with a look at last night’s leaderboard and then Len Goodman tells us the Dancing with the Stars All Stars judges have chosen Apolo and Karina’s Rumba from last night as their Spotlight Dance tonight. I was not a huge fan of this one, but it looks better tonight.

After a look back at last night for Shawn and Derek, we get right into some results for this couple. They were in first place last night and the viewers voted for them as well and they have made it to the Dancing with the Stars All Stars finals! Do you like that pick?

We get a look at Parris Goebel, who will be dancing the AT&T Spotlight Performance dance tonight. She is from new Zealand and has choreographed for Jennifer Lopez and is only 21 years old! This is the kind of dancing I like, so bring on this routine, which is amazing and to my song “Girl On Fire.”

Now to waste some more time, DWTS All Stars gets the One Direction-wannabes, The Wanted, to perform “I Found You.” They started out strong, but they have kind of faded away since their first song debuted! Anyone fans of The Wanted? They add in “Glad You Came” also, maybe to get people to remember who they even are.

We take a look back at Apolo and Karina’s night last night and all the antics behind the stage. Then it is a look at Melissa and Tony from last night on Dancing with the Stars 2012. One of these couples will be heading home, but which one will it be? They both had a perfect 30, but one couple had the lowest number of votes when adding in America’s votes. The couple eliminated on Dancing with the Stars All Stars is…Apolo and Karina! That means Melissa and Tony made it to the finals! I’m glad they did because she is the only one left that has never won the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Paula Abdul was a guest judge this season on Dancing with the Stars 2012 and now she is back to perform to a medley of her four #1 hits. This is the final Macy’s Stars of Dance performance of the season and it should be pretty good. She may be a hot mess, but this was pretty entertaining and at 50 years old, you go Paula! She acted like she was actually singing, but we all know better!

Before we get to the final Dancing with the Stars results, Derek Hough takes the stage to dance with four new partners. They take on a contemporary routine, which is kind of amazing to watch…plus he does it shirtless, so even better!

Now it is time to look at the final two couples and how they did last night. First it is Kelly and Val and everything they went through last night. Emmitt and Cheryl are next and look at how they did. Both teams scored 54.0/60.0 last night, but one of them will be leaving tonight. Which couple do you think it will be?

Here we go folks! They were both champions in past seasons, but only one of them can survive on All Stars. After the votes have been tallied, the couple eliminated on Dancing with the Stars All Stars is Emmitt and Cheryl, which means that Kelly and Val make it to the DWTS All Stars finals! Kelly and Val have never earned a 10 yet this season and in the finals. How do you feel about that?

So, it is an all-girl final on Dancing with the Stars All Stars: Shawn Johnson, Melissa Rycroft and Kelly Monaco!

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