It is an all-girl showdown tonight on the Dancing with the Stars All Stars Finale, as Shawn Johnson, Melissa Rycroft and Kelly Monaco all take the dance floor with their partners in hopes of winning it all on Dancing with the Stars 2012. I am still surprised Kelly and Val Chmerkovskiy made the finale, but they must have a big fan base out there. The ladies must lay it all on the line tonight in order to take home the Mirror Ball Trophy this season on DWTS All Stars. Come back tonight to see how they do in my Dancing with the Stars All Stars Live Recap!

The past two weeks have seen double elimination on Dancing with the Stars 2012 and that has left us with three couples remaining. Melissa and Tony Dovolani have been a force to be reckoned with the past few weeks, even with all the injuries they have suffered. They rack up the perfect scores and have put on some amazing dances. Shawn and Derek Hough have been just as fierce, also earning perfect scores and enduring their own injuries. And then there is Kelly and Val. How did they make the Dancing with the Stars All Stars Finale? In her two seasons, Kelly has never earned a score of 10 and yet she won the first season and here she is in the finale of the All Stars season.

With all that said, the three ladies will dance their butts off tonight in hopes of earning your votes and being crowned the champion tomorrow night. Tonight the ladies will be dancing an encore of their favorite dance of the season and then they will be taking on a “Super-Sized Freestyle.” They can bring in however many dancers they feel necessary to pull of a perfect routine. Tomorrow night they will perform an “Instant Dance” where they are given the dance style and song right before they are to dance, which will be the final points in determining the winner on DWTS All Stars. Come back later to check out all the action with me during my Dancing with the Stars All Stars Live Recap!

Team: Kelly and Val
Dance: Paso Doble
Val feels this is the dance that turned things around for them, so they are re-doing it in hopes of earning their first 10. I just don’t like this couple and annoyed by the fact that she looks like she is never having fun on the dance floor. Does anyone else feel this way about Kelly?
10.0 – Len said your best dance to date.
10.0 – Bruno said Kelly burns the floor like a fire angel and she can always ignite drama.
9.5 – Carrie Ann said she is so proud of her and she showed she deserves to be here.
TOTAL: 29.5/30.0 (Her first 10 and it seems lame to me)!

Team: Melissa and Tony
Dance: Samba
Melissa and Tony are the only couple left in the Dancing with the Stars finals who have not won a Mirror Ball Trophy. This is the couple I am rooting for because they have not won it before. This was a fun routine and they are the opposite of Kelly and Val. Fun to watch and makes me want to see them on the dance floor.
10.0 – Len said she captured the party side of the Samba and great technique.
10.0 – Bruno said what a wonderful blend of moves and she really has blossomed.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said her abs are ridiculous and it was fabulous and brilliant.
TOTAL: 30.0/30.0 (Do you feel any bad scores will be given tonight)?

Team: Shawn and Derek
Dance: Quickstep
Shawn said the Quickstep was their statement dance and broke the rules, so they are worried about getting a bad score again. They got a 26.5/30.0 the first time they did this dance. This couple is just fun to watch and they do their own routines and do fun and exciting performances. It is different, which is why fans voted them to the finals.
8.5 – Len said they are not allowed to do lift, like they did and they leave him no where to go.
9.5 – Bruno said they break the rules, but what they have achieved is amazing, but they are bound by the rules.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said it is the exact same thing they saw the last time and it is a risk.
TOTAL: 27.0/30.0 (A little better than the first time)

Team: Kelly and Val
Dance: Super-Size Freestyle
The dance will start with some aerial stunts and they have added in some Troupe dancers to “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life.” She does a great job with the aerials and I am impressed. There were some good moves throughout the dance and some good tricks, but I feel like they are lacking compared to the other two couples.
9.5 – Len said it lacked a little originality to him, but the dance was spellbounding.
10.0 – Bruno said they were two people totally in tune and Patrick is smiling as them.
 10.0 – Carrie Ann said this was the perfect dance and it was wonderful.
TOTAL: 29.5/30.0 and a total for the night of 59.0/60.0

Team: Melissa and Tony
Dance: Super-Size Freestyle
They bombed on the freestyle dance earlier in the season, so they are going to take some risks and doing a contemporary routine, which has never been done in the Dancing with the Stars finals. I love contemporary and this was a great routine. Tony had Melissa high up in the air a lot and the lines were good and she did some amazing lifts.
10.0 – Len said it had passion and it was wonderful.
10.0 – Bruno said it was the perfect setting to showcase her great qualities and she was a gem.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said she took such humongous risks and freestyle was a jackpot.
TOTAL: 30.0/30.0 and a total of 60.0/60.0 for the night, so a perfect night for my couple!

Team: Shawn and Derek
Dance: Super-Size Freestyle
The couple is calling on the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team to help them out with their freestyle routine, so this should be interesting to see. Since Shawn couldn’t make it to the London Games, this is her Olympics and will be fun to see. This was an awesome routine and had so many tricks and scary moments and was intense and should be a perfect score. This couple is so, so good!
10.0 – Len said you have to expect the unexpected and this was unexpected and that was a gold medal experience.
10.0 – Bruno said brilliance and what a fantastic night.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said it was sensational and she is so proud of them and they do not disappoint.
TOTAL: 30.0/30.0 and a total of 57.0/60.0 for the night.

So, who was your favorite couple tonight on DWTS All Stars?

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