We got to see two performances from each couple on Dancing with the Stars 2014 last night, as the couples danced one routine picked for them by America and then were joined by another pro dancer on DWTS 2014 for a Trio Dance. One of my favorite couples this season has to be Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas and how they seem to be having fun with every routine they do and I like watching that. Check out the Sadie and Mark performances on DWTS Season 19 last night below in our Dancing with the Stars 2014 spoilers!


For America’s Choice, this was one of the routines I was excited to see last night, as I love a good jive and how upbeat it is. This couple is so fun to watch and it seems like we are seeing a more fun and cool side of Mark this season and I like that. They did a great job and it was so full of energy, which earned them a 33 out of 40.

Check out the performance here:

For the Trio Dance, they picked Emma Slater. This is the first time that a female celebrity danced a trio with a female pro, but their male choice was picked and none of the other guys matched her height. This could be interesting to watch. This was a very difficult dance, but they made it work and Sadie held her own with Emma out there. She stumbled a little with her feet at the end, but this was so good! It was so good that she got a 40 out of 40 from the judges!

Check out the performance here:

Now check out photos of their performances on DWTS 2014 last night here:

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Do you think they will be safe next week on Dancing with the Stars Season 19?

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