This is it for the couples on Dancing with the Stars 2014, as the semifinals take place tonight on DWTS 2014 and four of the couples will move on to the finals next week and one of them will be voted off DWTS Season 18 tonight! This is a big week, so none of them want to screw up and all of them want to impress guest judge Kenny Ortega tonight. Watch it with us during our Dancing with the Stars 2014 Recap and see who got eliminated on Dancing with the Stars 2014 tonight!


Last week on Dancing with the Stars Season 18, the couples took to the dance floor and performed two routines again. For the first time on DWTS, the stars danced together at the same time! The Celebrity Dance Duels took place, where two couples performed to the same song, but in the middle of the routine the pro dancers left the floor and the stars worked it out! It was a cool concept and I am sure we will see it again in future seasons. When all was said and done, Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews announced that Danica McKellar and Val Chmerkovskiy had the lowest score and were eliminated!

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The couples will be fighting to make the finals tonight on DWTS 2014, so grab a seat for our recap starting soon, but check out our predictions for tonight in the meantime.


The following post contains videos from tonight’s performances on DWTS 2014 Week 9. Don’t want to know who went home on Dancing with the Stars Season 18 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…no results to start the show, but heading right into the performances since we have two routines from each couple tonight!

Round 1

Team: Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas
Dance: Viennese Waltz

Candace has this weird way of holding her body and she got awkward at times, but there her frame in hold was done really well. I just think she is in over her head with the other remaining couples.

Candace Cameron Bure ‏& Mark – Viennese Waltz… by IdolxMuzic

8.0 – Bruno said she started very well. If she goes wrong, cover it. The performance level collapsed and it showed in her face.
9.0 – Kenny said she has been blowing him away week after week with her determination. She surrendered herself to the partnership tonight.
9.0 – Len said the pressure got to her a little bit, but he liked the way she did reverse turns and she did great.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said we’ve all been there and she did surrender to her partner and she has another dance to go balls to the walls.
Score: 34/40

Crazy as it seems, but we get some results after their performance and Candace & Mark are safe heading into next week and will be in the finals!

We then get some more results tonight on DWTS 2014, as we find out that Amy & Derek and Charlie & Sharna are both in jeopardy of going home tonight! WHAT?!?!?

Team: Charlie White and Sharna Burgess
Dance: Foxtrot

I am a big fan of Charlie and Sharna, so can’t understand why they are always in the bottom! This was a great routine and he worked it out and ended with a good solo at the end for himself!

Charlie White ‏& Sharna – Foxtrot – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

10.0 – Bruno said it was like he started as Fred Astaire and finished as Baryshnikov.
10.0 – Kenny said bring out the champagne! It was like he was the toast of New York out there.
10.0 – Len said just right tonight, Charlie White.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said he just smacked her in the face with brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
Score: 40/40

Team: Amy Purdy and Derek Hough
Dance: Quickstep

Derek was worried because they have not done a dance this season where they travel, but they traveled and traveled well! Amy was having fun and had a smile on her face the whole time and so did I! This was so good and they worked that dance floor!

Amy Purdy & Derek – Quickstep – DWTS 18 (Semi… by IdolxMuzic

10.0 – Bruno said his jaw was dropping on the desk. Everything was incredible.
10.0 – Kenny said America please bring this team back next week.
9.0 – Len said technically this was her greatest challenge. He wanted to see more body contact, but watching her inspires him to go and do something but not sure what!
10.0 – Carrie Ann said it was so nice to see her dancing in full throttle and it took her breath away again.
Score: 39/40

Back to the DWTS results 2014 and we find out that Meryl & Maks are in jeopardy tonight and James & Peta are safe tonight, which means all the Olympians are in jeopardy tonight (Meryl & Maks, Charlie & Sharna and Amy & Derek)!

Team: James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd
Dance: Cha Cha Cha

To be honest, these bright yellow stripes distracted me, but maybe that is why they were there? He had some good moves and was channeling Michael Jackson on this one, but was it is enough Cha Cha?

James Maslow & Peta – Cha Cha – DWTS 18 (Semi… by IdolxMuzic

10.0 – Bruno said he managed to make it effortless and cool and it was on fire.
10.0 – Kenny said it was obvious he put his heart and soul in there and it was electrifying.
10.0 – Len said it was a fantastic blend and they kept plenty of Cha Cha content in there and it was a terrific number.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said we have seen Michael Jackson a thousand times, but what he did tonight was spectacular.
Score: 40/40

Team: Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Jive

She was a little worried with having to learn two dances this week and being on the bottom of the leaderboard, but they worked it out on this one. It was full of energy and fun to watch, but they always are!

Meryl & Maks ~ DWTS American Icons Night by HumanSlinky

10.0 – Bruno said it is the king and queen of rock and roll.
10.0 – Kenny said her kicks and flips were sending sparks all over the floor.
10.0 – Len said that was fantastic.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said this is a streamline costume and her moves were flawless.
Score: 40/40

Round 2

Team: Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas
Dance: Jazz

Still amazed they are safe tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2014, but who am I, right? I think Candace struggles with the ballroom style dances, but she is so good with contemporary and she works it out with this jazz routine. She shows some good moves and improves from the first routine.

Candace Cameron Bure ‏& Mark – Jazz – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

9.0 – Bruno said nasty, but tasty. Explore the dark side!
10.0 – Kenny said that reminded him of the great ladies of Broadway.
10.0 – Len said it was crisp, clean, tight and together and they did it marvelous.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said she is impressed and it was so perfectly together and she was blown away.
Score: 38/40 and a total of 72/80 for the night

Team: Charlie White and Sharna Burgess
Dance: Samba

Again, how could this couple be in jeopardy of going home tonight? How could all three of the couples be in jeopardy of going home that are? This was another great routine from them and the choreography was great!

Charlie White ‏& Sharna – Samba – DWTS 18 (Semi… by IdolxMuzic

9.0 – Bruno said he glided through it, but hit that rhythm stick.
9.0 – Kenny said it was clean, committed and precise. Lacked a little fun, but it was good.
9.0 – Len said it looked a little bit heavy at times, but he deserves to be in the finals.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said she wants to live in Charlie’s world and she loves it.
Score: 36/40 and a total of 76/80 for the night

Team: Amy Purdy and Derek Hough
Dance: Jazz

Derek has a way of making the choreography work for Amy and he did it again with this one. They worked it with the table and this was such a good routine and a great jazz routine!

Amy Purdy & Derek – Jazz – DWTS 18 (Semi Finals) by IdolxMuzic

10.0 – Bruno said too damn good is what that is and another classic moment on DWTS.
10.0 – Kenny said that Derek redefines choreography for this generation.
10.0 – Len said that was fantastic and he salutes Derek.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said she killed that routine, but in the side-by-side there was one unsynchronized moments.
Score: 39/40 and a total of 78/80 for the night

Team: James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd
Dance: Rumba

Who doesn’t love some James Maslow in some tight jeans and cowboy boots? With that being said, this was not that strong of a dance for me and nothing blew me away about it.

James & Peta, rumba ~ DWTS American Icons Night by HumanSlinky

9.0 – Bruno said his determination is amazing and he worked so much on his feet and it showed.
9.0 – Kenny said he has to extend that brilliance into his hands and the partnering was tight.
9.0 – Len said he loses connection between his arms and hands. His legs were much stronger and good hip action.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said they did not disappoint and his dancing was totally on par.
Score: 36/40 and a total of 76/80 for the night

Team: Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Viennese Waltz

You can’t go wrong with this couple and they nailed another performance. I don’t think there is any way they are going home tonight, but they wanted all the Olympians in jeaopardy. Amazing routine and choreography.

Meryl & Maks, viennese waltz ~ DWTS American… by HumanSlinky

10.0 – Bruno said they are unbelievable and their dancing is magnificent.
10.0 – Kenny said power, grace and everything you could ask for in a partnership.
10.0 – Len said there was no playing safe and they went for it 100% and he loved it.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said what she does is incredible and she was watching the room watch her.
Score: 40/40 and a total of 80/80 for the night!

The three couples in jeopardy of going home tonight are back on the dance floor and the next couple that is safe tonight is Amy & Derek! No big shocker, but we have Olympic partners Meryl and Charlie as the final two couples. The couple eliminated tonight on DWTS 2014 is Charlie and Sharna!

What do you think of the results on Dancing with the Stars 2014 tonight?

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