You might get confused tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2014, as you will be tuning into Week 5 on DWTS 2014 and it might look a little jumbled to you. No, you aren’t seeing things the wrong way. We will have new couples on Dancing with the Stars Season 19 tonight, as The Switch Up takes over and our votes on Twitter determined who is paired with who for Week 5. Watch with us during our Dancing with the Stars 2014 Recap and see who was voted off Dancing With The Stars 2014 tonight!


Last week on Dancing with the Stars Season 19, the couples took on routines that highlighted their most memorable year and it brought on some very emotional performances on DWTS 2014! We are always a fan of Derek Hough and think he is absolutely amazing at dancing and choreographing. He always comes up with such emotional routines for this week every season and he did not disappoint this season, as the routine for him and Bethany Mota was dead-on and so, so good! When all was said and done, we saw Betsey Johnson and Tony Dovolani eliminated from the competition.

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Now it is time for us to sit back and watch them and listen to the Dancing with the Stars judges 2014 give their feedback! Follow along with our recap below!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s performances on DWTS 2014 Week 5. Don’t want to see them yet or find out who got eliminated on Dancing with the Stars Season 19 tonight then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…big drama in the video to start the show and what to expect for tonight. Then it is time for Jessie J to take the stage and she is nothing but amazing, but duh. Love this woman and if you don’t know who she is, then go Google her…she is good! Then it is time for the new couples to take the dance floor.

Team: Antonio and Allison
Dance: Bollywood

She has a lot of history doing Bollywood, so she knows it requires a lot of energy and stamina and this is going to be a tough one. He is struggling remembering all the moves and they don’t want to disappoint Cheryl. I just can’t take Antonio and he seems so lazy and not moving. He is stiff and it isn’t fun to watch. Pick those legs up!

7.0 – Bruno said there was a slight disconnection and be careful of the timing.
7.0 – Julianne said he comes in with so much heart and passion and he wants it and she loves that.
6.0 – Jessie J said she liked watching his face and you could tell how much he wanted it.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said this was the most confident she has seen him and he danced it very well.
Score: 28/40

Team: Bethany and Mark
Dance: Hip Hop

Bethany said she is going to have to bring our her swag this week, but not even sure what swag even means! She said Derek always tells her she doesn’t have that attack and that is what hip hop is all about, so she wants to show him she’s got it. She held her own during this routine and was able to do the moves, but I did want her to attack them more and be harder, but still a good job.

8.0 – Bruno said she is really blossoming in confidence and a bit of like young Madonna.
8.0 – Julianne said Derrick, I think she just showed you some attack and she completely held your own.
8.0 – Jessie J said the word attack she can use to describe herself and she loved it.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said she does have swag and she loves the way she did the hip hop.
Score: 32/40

Team: Jonathan and Peta
Dance: Jitterbug

He got such low scores last week and wants to do really good this week, so switching partners makes it even more difficult! As much as I love Jonathan, this was a little rough. It was fast and high energy, but I think all the tricks got to them and they struggled through some of them. They got them done, but still a little rough to watch at times!

6.0 – Bruno said nothing, as no time for him!
6.0 – Julianne said she was holding her breath and not in a good way. There was a fear happening in that dance.
6.0 – Jessie J said it made me feel uncomfortable and she was nervous.
6.0 – Carrie Ann said there were moments of brilliance, but so much of it was wrong and missed grabs and missteps.
Score: 24/40

Team: Alfonso and Cheryl
Dance: Flamenco

He brought back The Carlton last week, so can he top that week with Cheryl??? She said she has to step it up this week, especially coming off the perfect score last week. She said that Witney is sweet and innocent and she is that mistress for a week. This was very well danced and a great routine. He was strong and they looked good together on Dancing with the Stars 2014 tonight!

8.0 – Bruno said the chemistry was scorching, but lift and separate.
9.0 – Julianne said this is the first partnership that she believed tonight and the connection was great.
9.0 – Jessie J said she was so drawn in and such a connection and she wanted this story to continue.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said nothing; no time.
Score: 34/40

Team: Janel and Artem
Dance: Burlesque

He said there is a lot of moves and they are going to be up close and personal and lots of touching and maybe some poles! They are going to be dancing to a Jessie J song and she is a guest judge, so they are working hard to impress her! This was pure sex on that dance floor and they did awesome together. Such a good routine and I loved it!

9.0 – Bruno said don’t worry love, but he saw it and there is not a person in the country that needs Viagra tonight.
8.0 – Julianne said that was extremely sexy, but to her that was not burlesque.
8.0 – Jessie J said she really enjoyed it and she threw herself into it.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said she appreciates the trust they gained in one week, but she agrees with Julianne.
Score: 33/40

Team: Michael and Witney
Dance: Disco

Disco is one of those styles they always give the person who can’t dance! I have been anti-Michael for a few weeks now and he showed me why tonight. He has no rhythm and it is tough to watch. He barely does anything and it is just a hot mess on that dance floor.

5.0 – Bruno said the movement was there, but none of it was on time.
5.0 – Julianne said it is Week 5 and getting a little uncomfortable.
5.0 – Jessie J said it was really consistent. It was not amazing and not terrible, but consistent.
5.0 – Carrie Ann said he did a couple of steps on time, but not many. She wants to see some of the polish and lines.
Score: 20/40

Team: Tommy and Emma
Dance: Mambo

First of all, Emma was looking quite sexy for this routine! Tommy may not be a great dancer, but he is out there having fun and moving and has moves to actually do. That is the difference between him and Michael. I am a big fan of Tommy!

6.0 – Bruno said it was a mambo in the slow lane and he was running on his own time.
5.0 – Julianne said it felt tired. She feels like we have seen everything and need to see more material.
6.0 – Jessie J said she really enjoyed it and he was relaxed and he is so flexible.
6.0 – Carrie Ann said the song choice was hard to do the mambo to. The performance was a little lackluster.
Score: 23/40

Team: Sadie and Derek
Dance: Charleston

I am a big fan of Sadie. She has no dance experience and she is always out there having a great time. She has some good moves and this was a super fun routine. I enjoy watching her perform and she worked it out with Derek tonight!

9.0 – Bruno said the perfect flapper. Timing spot on and beautiful.
9.0 – Julianne said that was so great and every week she shows a different side of her.
9.0 – Jessie J said it was really clean and lines were great.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said it was magnificent and this close to perfect.
Score: 36/40

Team: Lea and Val
Dance: Broadway

This was an awesome routine and Val did an amazing job choreographing it! He was awesome and I loved him and he did steal the show a little bit, but Lea is a great dancer and she held her own. I felt she had some good tricks.

9.0 – Bruno said off-the-wall and extremely funny. It worked and a treat for him.
8.0 – Julianne said she felt like this was the first time she was unsure, but the concept was fun.
8.0 – Jessie J said her acting and dancing was the best and she was the character and enjoyed watching her dance.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said she loved it and everything was executed great.
Score: 34/40

No eliminations tonight because of The Switch Up, so the night is done! Who was your favorite of the night?

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