I guess we can call it their last dance before getting the boot on Dancing with the Stars 2013, which still has many people up in arms over what is happening on Dancing with the Stars Season 17. How could both Snooki and Christina Milian go home before Bill Engvall has been eliminated on DWTS 2013? It is all about the voting and the following and it appears that Bill Engvall has a huge following out there that is voting for him every week, including last night on Dancing with the Stars 2013! But before those results were read, we got to see one more performance from Snooki and her partner Sasha Farber. Check that out below in our Dancing with the Stars 2013 spoilers video!


She said she is channeling Beyonce for the first part of this dance, but then Beyonce doesn’t samba. Sasha didn’t see Beyonce do some of those moves. Her son has been sick and she got no sleep, so she feels like a zombie. She seemed so lost in the beginning and it was just awkward, but they got it together in the middle and finished strong.

Bruno said once she got in the samba groove it was flowing. Len Goodman said it wasn’t pretty at the beginning, but after that and it was focused. Carrie Ann said sometimes she is ahead of the music and finishing her moves too quick, but extend the moves. They still managed to get a 27 out of 30 from the judges on DWTS 2013!

Check out their routine right here:

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