The saying goes do what you do best and Snooki used that saying last night on Dancing with the Stars 2013, as her and her partner Sasha Farber went back to her high school days and channeled the cheerleader inside her for their routine on DWTS 2013 last night. After a week where the judges were harsh with her, they were much more friendly this week after Snooki and Sasha put on the cheerleading outfits for their jive routine on Dancing with the Stars Season 17. Check out the Sasha and Snooki performance on DWTS 2013 last night in our Dancing with the Stars 2013 spoilers video below!


It was a fun night of performances again last night on DWTS Season 17, as these couples continue to put on some good routines and the judges were handing out some very good scores. Although Len Goodman was absent and Julianne Hough was in his place, so we had a lot of similar scores from all three judges….mix it up people!

For their Jive routine, Snooki went back to her high school days and put the cheerleading outfit back on. She said it was a dark time for her, as she developed an eating disorder and would eat like one grape a day to get skinny like the other girls. She now wanted to put some fun memories with cheerleading.

I hate to admit it, but Snooki is pretty good and have impressed me with her routines on Dancing with the Stars 2013. The judges have given her some lower scores at times, but I don’t think they were justified. They worked it out for a 24 out of 30, which was a common score of the night!

Check out their performance here:

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