The four remaining couples on Dancing with the Stars 2013 are in for a busy couple nights, as the finals on Dancing with the Stars Season 17 are upon us and the winner of DWTS 2013 will be crowned tomorrow night! Can you believe the Mirror Ball Trophy will be handed out again and we have Derek Hough with a strong chance of winning it in back-to-back seasons thanks to his partner Amber Riley. He won it last season with Kellie Pickler, who will return to the ballroom tonight and perform as part of the DWTS Season 17 finale! Check out the details below in our Dancing with the Stars 2013 spoilers!

Dancing with the Stars 2013 Spoilers - Kellie Pickler

DWTS 2013 will open tonight with Kellie Pickler performing her new single “Little Bit Gypsy” and some of the professional dancers performing along with her. I love this woman, so it will be good to see her back!

As far as the rest of the night, the couple will be taking on three routines: Judges’ Pick, Samba Relay and Supersized Freestyle. In round one, the judges will pick a routine for each couple that they have already performed this season and they want to see again. In round two, the couples will participate in a Samba Relay, where the couples each perform a different part of the same song. The song just happens to be “No Scrubs” and will be performed by TLC live! The last round is the Supersized Freestyle, which gives the couples the freedom to do whatever they want.

After all three rounds are complete on Dancing with the Stars 2013, the points will be totaled and one couple will be eliminated! The remaining three couples will take part in a new twist called the 24 Hour Fusion Challenge, which has the couples fusing two contrasting dance styles together into one song, which is selected for them by their competitors! They will each perform them tomorrow night during the DWTS 2013 finale!

Check out our predictions for tonight and what we think happens and  then come back tonight for our recap!

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