We got to see a more personal side to the couples on Dancing with the Stars 2013 last night, as the stars got to choose a song for their routine which represented the best year in their lives and they all seemed to shine with emotions running high on DWTS Season 16 and even the DWTS judges were impressed! It is now time to see how America voted and to see who got voted off DWTS 2013 tonight. Join us for our Dancing with the Stars 2013 Results Live Recap to find out!

Dancing with the Stars 2013 - Week 4 Results

I was impressed with the dancers last night on DWTS Season 16, as they all did a great job and showed a lot of improvement. The judges seemed in a rare mood and gave out some friendly scores, for a change!

The votes have been counted and our predictions have been made, so now it is time to get the DWTS 2013 results from Tom Bergeron, so come back soon for our Live Recap!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Dancing with the Stars 2013 Results Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead or you will find out who went home on Dancing with the Stars Season 16 tonight!!!


Here we go…the professional ladies start the night out with their routine for the night and it was sooooo hot! This was awesome and those girls were working it out and I am impressed! Does anyone else wish Witney Carson would have gotten a professional dancer spot over Lindsay Arnold?

After a look back at the performances from last night, we get some results right away and the first couple safe tonight are Aly and Mark!  Also safe tonight are Zendaya and Val. The next couple safe is Kellie and Derek. Ingo and Kym are safe as well and some good news to start DWTS 2013 results show!

More results will come later, but time for the DWTS judges to choose their encore performance from last night and of course, it is Aly and mark’s contemporary routine. Len Goodman said he has been working with Aly all day on that backflip (yeah right)!

Those results are coming in and Jacoby and Karina are safe tonight! They thought they were going to be in the bottom three, but not so much and Sean and Peta are safe tonight, so we have six couples safe already and only four more couples to find out their results!

Then a look at Bruno’s “writers” and how they help him with all his crazy lines. It was cute and we all know it was fake, right? Now to waste a little time, Brad Paisley joins the show to perform his new single. This is his third time on the show!

Time for the AT&T Spotlight Dance and time for my tears! It features Brilynn Rakes, who is a dancer and is legally blind! She can only see five feet in front of her. She has what is known as the “dancing eyes” and she thinks it is perfect for her. She thinks she is dancing a solo, but Derek Hough surprises her and tells her she will be dancing a duet! The dance is beautiful and it such a touching story!

They went through so many results early on because we are going to drag it out with another performance. This time it is Andrea Bocelli singing a duet with the beautiful Jennifer Lopez and the crowd seems to be loving it on Dancing with the Stars 2013, but I don’t understand a word of it!

We talk with the final four couples waiting for their fate tonight on DWTS 2013: Lisa and Gleb, D.L. and Cheryl, Victor and Lindsay and Andy and Sharna. We will get some more results shortly, but who is going to be safe???

Here we go: D.L. and Cheryl are safe! The next couple safe is Andy and Sharna!!! I am so happy for him and he deserves it. That means that Victor and Lindsay and Lisa and Gleb are the bottom two. Who is going home tonight on DWTS 2013?

The couple eliminated tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2013 is Lisa and Gleb and I am shocked! I thought she would get some sympathy votes for sure, but I guess not. Are you surprised?

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