Things are about to get hot and spicy on Dancing with the Stars 2013 tonight, as the seven remaining couples will take on dances for Latin Week and all of it with a twist, as announced earlier in our DWTS 2013 spoilers! It will be a battle for immunity and not even having to worry about how America votes, but which couple will win immunity this week on Dancing with the Stars Season 16? Find out during our Dancing with the Stars 2013 Recap and see the final seven couples take on Latin Week on DWTS Season 16!

Dancing with the Stars 2013 - Week 7 Performances

Last week on DWTS 2013, it was all about Stevie Wonder and now things switch over to Latin Week. It will be an intense night because only one dance style is certain for these couples, but three other routines need to be know just in case!

It seems like some intense stuff for these couples and may we seem some of them crack under the pressure tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2013? Find out in our recap tonight and follow along with us!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s performances on DWTS 2013 Latin Week. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


Here we go…

Team: Jacoby and Karina
Dance: Salsa

Jacoby had some improvements last week, but it didn’t show in the scores and that’s where they need to see it. They missed a day of rehearsal this week, so Karina is worried. There is a lot of footwork and Jacoby seems to be keeping up with Karina. He also happens to be flinging her around that dance floor big time! This was fun and had tricks and a great start to the show!
9.0 – Bruno said the fiesta has begun and he loved it.
9.0 – Len said was that an earthquake or did you just rock this place? Jacoby’s mom said she is watching him tonight, baby!!!
9.0 – Carrie Ann said he has it in his body and he could fart salsa. He gets down and dirty and he just dances and he had the right flavor part!
Score: 27.0/30.0

Team: Ingo and Kym
Dance: Rumba

Ingo was struggling with the hip movements and trying to be sexy with it and not looking stupid. He was sexy on General Hospital and now he needs to bring that to the dance floor. I think he got the hips moving well and this was a good routine from them, but they just seem like a couple no one is rooting for or is it just me? The silent couple on DWTS 2013?
7.0 – Bruno said the hip action has to be fluid and he wasn’t. The intention was good, but his hips need more work.
8.0 – Len said there was a lot of content there and his lines were good, but this is a difficult dance and it was good.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said he missed the fluidity and the connection was lacking because he was thinking so much.
Score: 22.0/30.0

Team: Kellie and Derek
Dance: Samba

They received a 10 from Len last week, so the pressure is on this week. Kellie has three concerts this week, so it is difficult to practice their routine and the three possible Dance Off routines. I think they tried to earn some more points from the judges, so they brought Derek out without a shirt on! Kellie is a very good dancer and I love this couple. I think she did great, especially with all the obligations they had this week! The ending was great!!!
10.0 – Bruno said it was the perfect balance of technique and performance and out of this world!
10.0 – Len said it was crisp, clean, hot and spicy and he thought it was brilliant.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said she sees perfection in every move she does, but she does not feel her when she dances and it lacks emotional content.
Score: 29.0/30.0

Team: Andy and Sharna
Dance: Rumba

Sharna said she wants to keep it simple and work on the technique side of things. She tells him to get sexy on this dance and he tells her not to be mad at him if she falls in love with him! Yes, Andy isn’t the best dancer on Dancing with the Stars 2013, but he is very entertaining. This was an entertaining routine and I enjoyed it, but he does not move or do much on the dance floor.
6.0 – Bruno said you try very hard, but he is doing steps and steps have to flow through the body.
6.0 – Len said he liked the fun of the dance and he loved his enthusiasm, but it was more erratic than erotic.
5.0 – Carrie Ann said he touches us, but they are getting serious about the details now. He needs to work on his arms.
Score: 17.0/30.0

Team: Aly and Mark
Dance: Salsa

In rehearsal, Mark hurt his neck after while carrying Aly on his shoulders. The doctor said he may have sprained his back or a lower disc, so for the week she is practicing with Henry. With all the dances for this week, she is nervous about not working with Mark. He is able to dance tonight though and I loved it. Aly is showing more and more personality every week and she was having fun and it showed.
10.0 – Bruno said spice of my life and he loved it.
9.0 – Len said he would have liked some more recognizable Salsa in there, but he couldn’t ask for more.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said she loved it and this is the Aly that was always in there and she nailed it.
Score: 29.0/30.0

Team: Sean and Peta
Dance: Rumba

Sean and Peta were not happy to be in the bottom two last week on DWTS 2013, so they are looking to improve this week. Peta brought in Sean’s fiancee to work on the moves to be more romantic in his dancing. There were moment in there wehre Sean didn’t look completely awkward. He is way too stiff and needs to loosen up some, but he did better. I didn’t feel the emotion of the dance, but did we expect it from Sean?
8.0 – Bruno said his musicality was so much better and his extensions was better, but sometimes his bum was stuck out like he was going to the toilet.
8.0 – Len said Peta was hot and he was quite wooden and his hands kept flapping away.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said she is very impressed and the music was pulsating through him.
Score: 24.0/30.0

Team: Zendaya and Val
Dance: Paso Doble

Val said he is very proud of what she has done, but he needs 200% from her this week and she needs to work very hard. She needs to channel some intensity for this routine and I did not feel it from her tonight on DWTS Season 16. I think she is normally a great dancer, but I don’t think the Paso Doble is a great style for Zendaya. What do you all think?
9.0 – Bruno said she looks like an angel, but dances like a fury.
9.0 – Len said that dance had attack and aggression, but she needs to lift her chin a little bit.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said it was beautiful and the lines were gorgeous.
Score: 27.0/30.0

Kellie and Derek are the highest couple of the night, so they have won immunity and will be safe tomorrow night on the results show. The other six couples will be competing in the Dance Off for three bonus points!

Dance Off: Aly and Mark vs. Andy and Sharna
Dance: Cha Cha

Aly and Mark are such a strong team and it makes me sad to see them go up against Andy and Sharna. They are such a solid team and looked good out there and then Andy comes out and stumbles through the routine.
Bruno said they both put out great personality, but someone was technically better.
Len said Andy has great charisma and was cheering on Aly the whole time.
Carrie Ann said she gives props to Andy for never giving up.
Winner: Aly and Mark win and get three bonus points

Dance Off: Zendaya and Val vs. Jacoby and Karina
Dance: Jive

Zendaya and Val come out strong and did such an amazing job, but what was up with the shoes Zendaya was wearing?? I love me some Jacoby!!! He is so entertaining and does some splits and jumps over Karina, so I give it to them!
Bruno said it was like watching two champions out there.
Len said it was so exciting and it is a tough call.
Carrie Ann said this is a hard one and they both did great.
Winner: Zendaya and Val, so they get three bonus points!

Dance Off: Sean and Peta vs. Ingo and Kym
Dance: Rumba

They both did this dance earlier tonight, so a little advantage for them tonight. Sean is too snappy with his hands and they move too quick and don’t look free-flowing. Ingo and Kym looked good, but I feel their routine was a little simpler.
Bruno said it was a battle of the hunks and Ingo improved and Sean was more intense the second time around.
Len said having seen them side-by-side there is a clear winner.
Carrie Ann said nice improvement Ingo and the lines were there.
Winner: Ingo and Kym, so they get three bonus points!

That’s it for tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2013 and we have Kellie and Derek winning immunity, so they are safe. Who was your favorite couple of the night?

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