Nine couples remain on Dancing with the Stars 2013 and it is another night of performances on DWTS 2013, but this time they will have some added dancers on the stage with them as some professional dancers dance side-by-side with them and that can only mean trouble for some of these stars on Dancing with the Stars 2013 spoilers. With Maks Chmerkovskiy back on DWTS Season 16, they might face even more trouble. Find out during our Dancing with the Stars 2013 Recap tonight!

Dancing with the Stars 2013 - Week 5 Performances

For DWTS 2013 tonight, two professional dancers come out and dance for 30 seconds then the couples come out and dance side-by-side with them for 15 seconds and then the couples finish the routine alone on the dance floor for one minute and 15 seconds. This is the side-by-side challenge from Len Goodman.

The dance styles have been announced, so now it is just a matter of the couples taking the stage and trying to impress us for our votes and impress the DWTS judges for some high scores! Come back shortly for our recap and check out the performances with us!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s performances on DWTS 2013 Week 5. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


Here we go…a dance from all the couples and now time for the routines!

Team: Ingo and Kym
Dance: Cha Cha Cha

They will be going up against Tony and Emma in the side-by-side. He did pretty well keeping up with Tony and Emma, who happened to start the routine with an awesome performance. This was actually a very good routine, but it seemed to depend on Kym a lot, so Ingo not showcased that much.
7.0 – Bruno said he puts so much out there and he gets the character right, but he disguises a lot of technical problems.
7.0 – Len said he kept up with the stamina and energy all the way through it, but he has to get some more care to it.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said the pelvic thrusts were a hit and he carried himself with confidence, but he needs to work on himself below the belt.
Score: 21.0/30.0

Team: Jacoby and Karina
Dance: Jive

Jacoby wants to perform the encore dance this week on DWTS 2013 and some 9’s. They will be dancing with Maks and Anna. Jacoby brings out the splits in this routine and does a great job. He is really picking this stuff up and he is very entertaining. Jacoby has fun with Maks and Anna on the floor and this was an awesome job.
9.0 – Bruno said it was like watching two stallions at the peak of the power fighting. He had great timing, but point your feet on the kicks.
8.0 – Len said his personality radiates this ballroom, but he will never get a 9 from him with those feet.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said a little flat-footed, but she loves him some Jacoby and he hammered that jive.
Score: 26.0/30.0

Team: Victor and Lindsay
Dance: Viennese Waltz

They have been in the bottom three and know this is their week to prove themselves or they could be going home. He has been dating a girl for over a year, but then found out during rehearsal that she was with someone else and now his mind in other places. They will be going up against Tristan and Emma on Dancing with the Stars 2013 tonight. The dance next to the pros was very simple, so nothing too special there. This looked a little rough for me and they didn’t seem to be together for this performance.
7.0 – Bruno said he is back in the game and he was elegant.
7.0 – Len said this was better than last week and that is the way to go.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said that was a victory and it was really good and he channeled his emotions well.
Score: 21.0/30.0

Team: Aly and Mark
Dance: Samba

They will be going side-by-side with Tony and Witney. Aly was happy to learn some moves from a girl, even though she said that Mark can be a good girl too! Again, Witney is such an amazing dancer and she should have gotten picked as a pro over Lindsay! This is another good routine from Aly and Mark. She holds her own with the side-by-side, even though she did get a little too far from Mark at times. Overall, I enjoyed it!
9.0 – Bruno said she was sassy and saucy and she has come into her own and her technique is very strong.
8.0 – Len said she was right in sync with Witney and Tony, but sometimes her legs were a little flimsy.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said she started out confident with Witney, but it came down a notch when she left.
Score: 25.0/30.0

Team: Sean and Peta
Dance: Quickstep

They will be going side-by-side against Tristan and Chelsie on Dancing with Stars 2013. He knows it is important to mimic Tristan and follows him around all rehearsal to copy him. The quickstep by Tristan and Chelsie was amaizng! Sean actually does pretty good with this routine and I am impressed. I am normally not a fan, but maybe it is because they covered him up and put him in a tux and he holds his own?
8.0 – Bruno said he has been a lumberjack up until this point, but tonight he was a swan.
8.0 – Len said last week he was a statue and now he is a pigeon, which Bruno gets a kick out of.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said he is back and he is bold and it was beautiful and she liked it.
Score: 24.0/30.0

Team: Kellie and Derek
Dance: Foxtrot

We are in Week 5 and this is the first time they have been assigned ballroom! How is that possible??? Derek is being a little more rough on kellie this week and getting stressed out! They will be dancing side-by-side with Henry and Anna. This was such a good routine. Kellie is my favorite to win Dancing with the Stars season 16 and this is why. She is a strong dancer and has a great partner in Derek. Awesome foxtrot!
9.0 – Bruno said she had sophisticated elegance.
9.0 – Len said that was a hottrot and she puts the “oo” in smooth.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said that was fabulous and she is a million dollars and it was wonderful.
Score: 27.0/30.0

Team: D.L. and Cheryl
Dance: Tango

They are happy with the three 7’s last week on DWTS Season 16. Now they have to go side-by-side with Sasha and Chelsie. D.L. is way too stiff and he has no rhythm. He needs to loosen it up and have some fun. He is a comedian and has fun on stage, but then becomes so serious once he hits the dance floor and I am over it!!! Anyone else?
6.0 – Bruno said he went for the aggression and the disdain, but it technically fell apart.
6.0 – Len said it was like decaf coffee, where it looks good but has no snap and it lacked the attack of a tango.
6.0 – Carrie Ann said she loved his intensity and focus, but he was a little bouncy and there was a lack of technique.
Score: 18.0/30.0

Team: Zendaya and Val
Dance: Argentine Tango

Val has never danced this dance before in his life, so this should be interesting. Of course, they will be side-by-side with Maks and Anna. Did we not think they would put the brothers together on DWTS 2013? Despite the fact that neither of them knew the dance going in, this was a great performance. It had the intensity and they held their own against Maks and Anna and could Zendaya in the finale as well!
10.0 – Bruno said the lethal beauty and next to Anna she was as good and as strong.
9.0 – Len said well done and a gem of a dance.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said she was right in there and every move she does have a story and she loves it.
Score: 29.0/30.0 (the first 10s of the season)

Team: Andy and Sharna
Dance: Paso Doble

They will be going side-by-side with Sasha and Emma. Andy needs some help being the man’s man, so he is glad to get the help from Sasha. I think this one was supposed to be more about the story of the dance than the actual dance. He comes zip lining in for his entrance. There were some missed hand connections and he is clearly not as manly as he should be for this dance, but he does a decent job.
6.0 – Bruno said the only thing missing was Cloris Leachman. 
6.0 – Len said it was more Pasadena than Paso Doble.
6.0 – Carrie Ann said once he got rid of the cape it went downhill and something was off for her.
Score: 18.0/30.0

That’s it for tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2013. Who was your favorite couple of the night?

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