The five remaining couples on Dancing with the Stars 2013 take the stage tonight and perform for your votes and hope to make the finals on Dancing with the Stars Season 17. The semifinals on DWTS 2013 bring us excitement and they also bring us a familiar face, as Maksim Chmerkovskiy makes his return as a guest judge on DWTS Season 17 tonight! We get to see all the hot dance moves on the dance floor and then see all the hotness on the judges’ panel too! Come watch with us during our Dancing with the Stars 2013 Recap and see who got eliminated on Dancing with the Stars 2013 tonight!


Last week on Dancing with the Stars Season 17, the final six couples performed two numbers, as they each did a new ballroom routine and they took on the trip performances! They were quite entertaining and even gave the couples some pretty high scores, except for Bill Engvall and Emma Slater, who only took in 42 out of 60 points, but still managed to be safe! Instead, Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy were eliminated in another shocking elimination on DWTS 2013!

Tonight we find out who makes the finals on Dancing with the Stars 2013, but we made our predictions earlier. Check those out while we wait for our recap, which will be starting soon!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s performances on DWTS 2013 Semifinals. Don’t want to know who went home on Dancing with the Stars Season 17 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


Here we go…

Round 1

Team: Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani
Dance: Paso Doble

They will be dancing to “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga for both routines tonight. Tony and Maks have been friends for 15 years, so he is feeling good with him as a guest judge and he will give them good insight. They had a few stumbles at the end, but she has improved greatly out there and has gained some confidence over the season.

8.0 – Bruno said extend the line, but she’ll be back next time.
8.0 – Len said it was neat and it was precise, but it was a little bit careful.
8.0 – Maks said he liked it. At the end, she stepped on the skirt and that is not a technical mistake, but there needs to be more emotion from her.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said she did bring the drama, but this one was a rough road for her.
Score: 32/40

Team: Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff
Dance: Tango

They received their first perfect score last week on DWTS 2013, but so did Elizabeth and Val and they went home. Karina wants to throw a jump in there, but Corbin thinks it is a lift and the judges will dock them. She thinks Maks will recognize it is a jump. This was so entertaining, but did anyone else think Corbin looked a little weird at times with his steps? Maybe it was the leather outfit???

9.0 – Bruno said he had so much drive and power and attention, but because of that he lost the frame at times.
9.0 – Maks said it was amazing. Forget the frame, but the content was amazing. That is the type of tango he likes.
8.0 – Len said it was too full-on. Tango is about calmness and then attack and then calm and attack. This was all attack. As a performance, he loved it, but as a Tango was not his cup of tea.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said that was hot and she would love to see that again.
Score: 35/40

Team: Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke
Dance: Jazz

Jack was having some issues with his vision in his left eye and getting a headache, so he is worried about his health and the MS. They are taking it more and more easier during rehearsals and he just wants to make it to the finals and he is in it to win it. This did have a lot of tricks and moves for Cheryl, which is understandable. It was good though and we see Sharon Osbourne balling in the audience after it was done.

8.0 – Bruno said that was a very hard routine for someone not used to doing jazz, but the interpretation was good.
9.0 – Maks said it was great. He loved it.
8.0 – Len said he likes his commitment, but it lacked some finesse, but it was too full-on for him.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said Cheryl just killed that. It is not his most comfortable place and she could feel it.
Score: 33/40

Team: Bill Engvall and Emma Slater

Bill said a lot of great dancers have been eliminated, yet he is still here and that is amazing. We feel ya, Bill! He has a breakdown during rehearsals and is getting angry, as he wants to put on good routines and get good scores, not like last week. He gets a groin injury during the week also. So, this is the semifinals, right? This is pathetic and he should so be home!

7.0 – Bruno said the pleasure he gave us and the pure enjoyment he gave them every week is unmatchable.
7.0 – Maks said he is a lot of people’s inspiration. He does not believe in talent, but he believes in hard work and just keep doing what he is doing.
7.0 – Len said Emma always tries to bring out the best of Bill. He may not be the judges champion, but he is the people’s champion.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said she is totally smiling and thanks him for bringing the joy back to the ballroom.
Score: 28/40

Team: Amber Riley and Derek Hough
Dance: Jazz

Amber went to the doctor over the week and they said it is not going to cause permanent injury, so she said she has the roar of the tiger back. She said they feel better than they have in two weeks and Derek is glad to have his Amber back. Oh, you could tell that Amber is back! She had the pep in her step and that smile on her face. This was so fun to watch and the other couples should be afraid on Dancing with the Stars 2013!

10.0 – Bruno said she is just incredible and that was totally fierce.
9.0 – Maks said it was amazing, it was intricate and it looks like it comes easy to her.
10.0 – Len said do it again!
10.0 – Carrie Ann said it is like she is in a class of her own and she did everything perfectly.
Score: 39/40

Round 2

For this round, the couples on Dancing with the Stars 2013 will be dancing to the same song, but to a different dance style. This shows how the couples can interpret the same song in a different way.

Team: Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani
Dance: Argentine Tango

This was a big improvement over the first routine and I just love Leah. I think she is what this show represents and she didn’t know how to dance and she has improved so much on DWTS 2013, right?

9.0 – Bruno said he liked the sensual side of her and some very good lines and it was pretty.
8.0 – Maks said she brings what this competition needs and she needs to up it a gear.
8.0 – Len said he liked it fine, but he never quite feel her embrace the dance fully.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said we have not spoken enough on how far she has come and she needs more confidence and she stops her moves too short and if she comes back for the finals to let it all out and balls to the wall.
Score: 33/40 and a total of 65/80 for the night

Team: Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff
Dance: Rumba

This dance was just so sexy and sensual. Corbin always looks good without his shirt on, but he looked extra sexy in this one. They looked so good together and so crazy how different the routines were, but to the same song.

10.0 – Bruno said from hell into heaven and the quality of movement was incredible.
10.0 – Maks said he loves traditional ballroom and that was amazing.
10.0 – Len said his technique was great and that was a great Rumba!
10.0 – Carrie Ann said she kept watching and thinking his body is a wonderland and it blew her mind away.
Score: 40/40 and a total of 75/80 for the night

Team: Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke
Dance: Argentine Tango

Jack is such a good ballroom dancer. He has this charm about him that makes you want to watch him and root for him. They nailed this one and he was the leader and did so good.

10.0 – Bruno said the transformation is unbelievable. To dance with Cheryl on that level is a great acheievement.
9.0 – Maks said this was great and no-nonsense and great precision.
9.0 – Len said Jack, you’re back. This was so much better and he comes out and sells the dance.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said he was so in the zone and his hold was incredible and the intensity of that dance was so incredible.
Score: 38/40 and a total of 71/80 for the night

Team: Bill Engvall and Emma Slater
Dance: Argentine Tango

This actually had some good moments in it and I was impressed with what Bill was doing. We all know he is injured with his groin and you could tell, but he had a few good moments in there and I was surprised on DWTS 2013!

8.0 – Bruno said they set the mood. He played it straight and he played it well. Very well done.
8.0 – Maks said the musical interpretation was amazing and the dance interpretation was just as great.
8.0 – Len said he doesn’t know if he has the skill to win, but he has the will to win.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said for the first time, he didn’t joke around and he never missed a beat.
Score: 32/40 and a total of 60/80 for the night

Team: Amber Riley and Derek Hough
Dance: Viennese Waltz

Yeah, Amber is back tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2013, that is for sure! She is so good and looked beautiful on this routine. Derek has that special skill of making winners and he may have another one on his hands this season!

10.0 – Bruno said she danced like an angel.
10.0 – Maks said do that and she is amazing.
10.0 – Len said there was smoke on the floor, but there was fire in that routine. Terrific performance.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said she is so special and the way she interprets the music.
Score: 40/40 and a total of 79/80 for the night

The performances are all done tonight on DWTS 2013 and time to get the results on Dancing with the Stars 2013. Here are the safe couples tonight:

  • Corbin and Karina
  • Amber and Derek
  • Jack and Cheryl

That means that Bill & Emma and Leah & Tony are the final two couples to find out their fate. The couple eliminated tonight on DWTS 2013 is Leah and Tony! UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

What do you think of the results on Dancing with the Stars 2013 tonight?

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