Courtney Robertson will move in with Ben Flajnik in Northern California. Despite Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik’s makeup, then breakup, then makeup relationship throughout the last month, the 28-year-old model is ready to make the move to Northern California live with her new fiance. “That’s definitely happening, although it’s not something they’re going to do overnight,” an insider reveals to

“For now, Courtney will start spending weekends up there getting familiar with Ben’s life and his friends. And Ben’s going to make trips down to LA to do the same thing — meet Courtney’s friends and spend time with them.”The first item on the couple’s agenda is to get out of the limelight! “They have a few media obligations to fulfill as part of their contracts…But other than those few commitments, they’re not interested in a big press tour,” the insider added. “They’re just looking forward to spending some quality alone time with each other.”

If everything goes as planned, Ben and Courtney will start house hunting in Northern California very soon. “Courtney’s looking forward to the move,” the insider said. “They truly care about each other and they’re excited about this next chapter.”