Colton Dixon’s American Idol regret includes Lady Gaga. caught up with Dixon after the show for an extensive interview about his take on the judges’ decision and what he thinks could have saved him. It’s a pretty good interview and I really feel bad that Dixon basically knew he was getting the boot.

HL:  How totally floored are you by the results?  Colton Dixon: Personally I thought I was going to be in the bottom 3 tonight, so I wasn’t surprised by that. Especially standing next to Philip and Jessica I knew I was going. But I thought I had another week, if not a couple more in me, but someone good has to go home. It was just me this week. HL: And for the people voting at home you have to vote as many times you can so your favorite stays in. I think song choice killed me last night, so the remaining contestants; you have to make sure you on you’re A-game and your song choice is so key in this competition and make sure you are on all the time.

HL – Do you regret anything?

CD – I regret my 1st song last night. My take on it was me and I didn’t veer stylistically from me at all but I think I could’ve chosen a better song that I could connect with that had a better message for me and for my audience. I think that’s what turned a lot of people off last night.

HL – With your final song you kind of fell to your knees and sat there for a minute before you started, what were you thinking?

CD – It’s funny, I have been trying too hard to get a standing ovation from the judges that I didn’t need, I didn’t need it for confidence or anything like that, and during that song I wasn’t singing for them or my family or anyone in the audience or anyone at home, that song was between me and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We had a cool moment on stage for sure, but I wanted to end it the way I started it and told myself I would do this competition and I’m glad I got the opportunity.

Do you think they wasted the save?

CD – No, not at all, Jessica deserve to be saved hands down. I’m very glad they saved her.

HL – You whispered something to Hollie when they said she was safe, what did you say?

CD – I said congratulations baby, you deserve it, she’s such a sweetheart and during commercial breaks she looked at me and was like ‘okay Colton just by comparison of fan mail we know you are going through.’ I said you killed it last night and I wasn’t so hot last night, so if last night reflects any on right now which it should, you have a couple more weeks left in you. She was crying but I think some of those were tears of relief. We love each other very much.

That must’ve been weird for you, you haven’t been in the bottom 3 before and then you get the news you going home?

CD – After feeling what the bottom 3 felt like, I’m glad I’ll never have to go through that again. It’s weird and all of this is so overwhelming, it’s weird that the other contestants aren’t with me in this room right now doing press. But again things can only get better from here and I can do my own music and America is going to be able to connect with me through that. I am excited.

HL – You are from the same town as Macy from Teen Mom, do you know her?

CD – That is so weird. She goes to MTSU doesn’t she? I think when I went a lot of people were freaking out that she went to school there to. I don’t watch the show, and I’ve never met her. But that’s funny.

HL – Did you think Ryan was fooling you tonight’s as throughout the competition he has been out of control with his delivery?

CD – He is [laughs] he likes to tease. But no, tonight he gave it to me straight. Ryan is so sincere and I love that about him, he really does care about the contestants and afterwards he pulled me aside and said dude you deserve to be here and that it was a privilege working with you. I told him he needed to find a new victim to pick on every week. But he wouldn’t have picked on me tonight, just because I don’t know what I would have done. I might have choked him. Not really (laughs).

HL – Were you glad to finally get your standing ovation?

CD – Honestly, it was nice and I’m glad it happened but again I wasn’t singing for them or anyone in the audience it was a connection between me and God. It was a cool moment.

HL – Did you get a chance speak to the judges afterwards?

CD – I did, man, we can’t ask for better judges, they really care about you. It’s cool because they are so influential. Randy has worked with a couple of Christian acts and said whatever you do let me know and we will make it happen. I loved that. Jennifer was a sweetheart, she didn’t want to leave the stage, which was so cute and I loved it–that was awesome. Steven Tyler honestly, I couldn’t hear what he said in my ear and I hate that. He mumbled something and I missed it. But I love them all so much and they are so supportive of everything that I’ve done and I really appreciate your opportunity and them seeing something more in me this year than last year and to send me on to the top 24.