Christina Aguilera reportedly said Britney Spears will be “disaster” on X Factor. Star Magazine claims Aguilera was “freaking out” when she tuned in to the TV announcement of Spears’ new gig, quoting a so-called “source” as saying, “She was throwing things and cursing.” The alleged insider adds that The Voice judge ranted that Spears “acted like a zombie” and was “going to be a disaster” on the singing competition.

Star says the supposed “feud” between the pop stars was reignited when former fellow Mouseketeer Tony Lucca sang a Spears song on The Voice last month. “Everyone knew Tony singing a song by Christina’s enemy would drive her crazy,” explains another “insider,” confirming, “And it did.”A friend of Aguilera has denied the allegations that Aguilera slammed Spears. What do you think of the reality show drama?

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