Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is back tonight and Donal Trump has decided to go the All Star route, like Dancing with the Stars and Survivor have done and we shall see if it works out for NBC, but the returning celebrities will fight for $250,000 for their charities and hopes of being named the winner of All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013. Who will it be? Tune in tonight for our Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and find out who was eliminated from All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 with us!

Celebrity Apprentice 2013 - Premiere

Donld Trump has brought some of the biggest hot messes from seasons past and some that cam close to winning or who many of us thought they would win. The returning players are:

Bret MichaelsLa Toya Jackson, Omarosa Manigault, Lisa Rinna, Lil’ Jon, Trace Adkins, Claudia Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Gary BuseyPenn Jillette, Stephen Baldwin, Brande Roderick, Dee Snider and Marilu Henner. 

If I need to explain who any of these “celebrities” are, should they really be on the show? Some of the names I did not recognize and that is sad for Trump. I don’t know who they are, but this is the second time they have appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and they still aren’t that well-known?

I guess we get to meet them a little bit more tonight in the Celebrity Apprentice 2013 premiere, especially when Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins are placed as team captains and get to choose their own teams! Things could get tense before teams are even formed! Someone will be mad they weren’t picked before so-and-so, guarantee it!

Here we go and NBC is definitely talking up the fact that is would be a big deal to be named the FIRST All Star Celebrity Apprentice. Is that a big deal and I missed something?

They meet Trump at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and they all say why they are here again. Trump tells Bret Michaels he made a mistake coming back. Bret and Trace are named captains and they get to choose their teams. Trace picks Penn, Dee Snider, Marilu Henner, Stephen Baldwin, Lisa Rinna and Gary Busey. Bret picks Omarosa, Lil’ John, Brande Roderick, La Toya Jackson, Claudia Jordan and Dennis Rodman.

They then head to the suites to pick a project manager and team name. Omarosa raps and they chose Team Power from her rap. Then Gary throws out random ideas, but the other team goes with Plan B.

For project managers, Plan B picks Trace because he promises big donors. Team Power wants Bret, but Brande wants it more and they go with her.

The teams head to the boardroom to find out what their task will be and the mentors this week are Piers Morgan and Ivanka Trump. Then Omarosa and Piers get into it and I want to slap her already.

The first task is making meatballs in a meatball shop and the one that does the best in selling wins. They will bring their meatballs to Live with Kelly & Michael and they will pick a winner, who will get an extra bonus. The winning team gets all the money raised for their charity!

The teams get back to their suites and start planning. Bret wants to raise money because he is worried he didn’t step up as project manager. La Toya hates Omarosa and her negative attitude. Trace doesn’t want to even open the store to the public and just have people come in with big checks and doesn’t care what the meatballs taste like. Lisa Rinna and her huge, rotten lips said her husband has a great meatball recipe.

Team Power is in the shop and Dennis doesn’t have anywhere to go. Brande doesn’t want him cooking and doesn’t want him doing graphics since he doesn’t know how to work it. They ask him to come back and roll meatballs and he is happy.

Plan B gets to the shop and they start rolling out the meatballs. Trace has Gary contained, which is a big task. They start working on phone calls and fundraising. Stephen said he is holding back his donors since Trace said he had it covered.

Brande is on the phone and she is getting a lot of promises to make donations. She is worried about the checks actually arriving and not just saying they will help!

Time for the Live with Kelly & Michael: Penn and Marilu represent Plan B and Bret and Lil’ John represent Team Power.

Omarosa is talking and she wants to take out Bret because he is the only previous winner there, but they are the same team. She would take pride in it, but then her team would have to lose!

The shops open up and Team Power has some donations coming in and people in their shop. Plan B opens up and Trace has signs on the windows saying “Closed For Private Event” and his team just sits and waits. They are not happy, but this is on Trace. Good or bad move on his part closing it for specific donors?

Trace is happy that no one is there, but then Gary runs out and tries to get a double decker bus to come in and Trace is pissed. They then get some stars coming in and Amy Grant gets things started with a $75,000 check. That gets the ball rolling and the big checks continue to come in for $10,000 and $5,000 and another $10,000 and so on.

Over at Team Power, they are having fun and working with the people on the street and getting their bigger donors in and Brande is happy. Bret gets back and is bringing in people and Omarosa is in charge of money. She is cheering everyone that donates except Brent’s people. She is so catty!

Piers arrives at Plan B and Gary pulls him aside and gives him the tour and tells them how things are working. Piers questions why they closed the doors and thinks it is a high-risk option.

Paul Teutul, who appeared last season, comes to Team Power and donates $25,000! Piers then arrives and Brande is confident about things, but then he asks her numbers and Brande guesses how much she took in and how many meatballs were made and Piers thinks Donald likes his numbers and that could hurt her.

Over on Plan B, Trace gets his big donor at the end and brings in a check for $100,000! The billionaire’s check has not arrived for Brande and she does not like that, but everyone else came through for her.She is on the phone trying to get it there before the cutoff, but will she on All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013?

Boardroom time and the teams arrive in front of Donald, Piers and Ivanka. Let the drama begin! Trump questions again why Bret came back, but I am over it. Then Omarosa throws Bret under the bus and says he said he had all this money for Brande and didn’t deliver. La Toya said Brande was not a good leader.

For Plan B, Penn said Trace was strong and brave and would not have made the same choice of closing down the shop just for donors, but gets it. Trace said Stephen was the worst member of the team because he did not bring in any money. Stephen then admits to saving his donors for himself, which Trump says could lead to him being fired!

Things then get ugly when Dennis questions Piers on why he hates Omarosa and it just escalates when Claudia Jordan gets involved, which Ivanka questions her on and I love it. Stay out of it Claudia!

Team Power won the Live with Kelly & Michael challenge, so they get $20,000 extra. For the results: Team Power raised $230,533 plus the $20,000 and they total $250,533. Plan B raised $419,539, so they kicked butt and won the first challenge. Trace gets over $680,000 for American Red Cross, which is awesome.

Now time for Team Power to fight it out in the boardroom. Brande says it is the two people who raised the lowest amount of money and she asks Omarosa who made what and she won’t answer. The fighting continues and Omarosa is always involved and she blames Bret and no one can talk over her, but I think it may be Brande going home because she has no sense of the numbers and bad leadership skills.

When asked how much they all raised and it comes to about $310,000, so way over what they actually did raise. Omarosa gets asked about the real numbers since she was the cashier and still doesn’t know. It all seems shady, but Brande brings back La Toya and Bret because they brought in the least amount of money, which no one even knows. Brande apologizes to Bret, but he said if she survives she will get eaten alive by Omarosa and a knife in her back, which is so true on Celebrity Apprentice 2013, right?

The three come back into the boardroom for even more fighting. They question why she brought in La Toya and she said because she is one of the lowest fundraisers, but does anyone really know? They all keep talking about Omarosa, but she is not here and can’t be fired. La Toya said fire the project manager. Donald doesn’t know why La Toya is there and questions how she made Omarosa her chief financial officer.

Trump says he doesn’t want to fire the person who raised the most money, like Brande did. He then questions why Bret came back and he can’t think of picking him again as the winner and he fires him because he can’t fire someone who raised that much money.

So, Bret Michaels is eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice 2013. Did you see it coming?

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