Celebrity Apprentice 2012 video sneak peek, Lisa Lampanelli may be booted for cheating. Lisa Lampanelli has been called many things this season on The Celebrity Apprentice – “villain,” “bully” and “bitch” to name a few — but tonight it might be “cheater”. Lisa sneaks a peek at the other team’s work in this preview video from the April 22 episode, and while she makes light of her actions, she might be sealing her fate with Donald Trump to end to run on the show.

The boardroom isn’t known to be a welcome place for cheaters. Dayana Mendoza told HuffPost about Lampanelli, “If poking fun at me can help her sell tickets to her shows, no problem, I am happy to help her put food on her table. However, when she uses racial slurs, she is not only targeting myself but degrading an entire Hispanic culture.”

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