Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Victoria Gotti fired during episode 2, and the reason can be summed up into one name: Lisa. Lisa lets the cat out of the bag right away, letting Donald Trump know that Victoria threatened to leave the team, and claims she gave the hardest job to Victoria but she does not want to be her mother.

Dayana, Ms. Nudity, lets Donald know that she was told to not say anything and should just look pretty.  Patricia decides to step in and let Donald know that Lisa was the person who created the concept this week, and if they do not win it would be due to Lisa and Aubrey.  Victoria agrees with Patricia that no one had any say in the concept except Lisa and Aubrey.

Lisa also tells Donald that Victoria did not step up to the role, and while Victoria attempts to get a word in, Lisa wouldn’t giving Victoria a chance.  Lisa then goes on to tell Donald that Victoria cannot spell and she did a horrible job the first day and the second day she started to work but she missed her cue. Do you agree with Victoria’s firing?

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