Celebrity Apprentice 2012 George Takei Eliminated During Week . Though the men gave good reviews to Takei, he was eliminated last night on the Trump show. The men gave George props of a good job as project manager, even though they all thought he was a bit too non-nonchalant and relaxed. Trump finally revealed that Ivanka and Scott picked the ladies as the winners, so the men lost the challenge and George decided to bring Lou Ferrigno and Arsenio Hall with him to be considered for firing.

Takei claimed that Hall was at fault for the slump of  the fashion outfits and that Ferrigno wasn’t able to take direction. Lou, George, and Arsenio argued their final cases to Trump in the boardroom. Most of the blame was directed at Takei for not being involved enough as a project manager, and nobody can deny that fact, not even George himself. Takei also agreed with that assessment, so he made it effortless for Trump to yell the famous weekly judgment of being fired. Next week, the two teams will attempt to sell a car.

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