Celebrity Apprentice 2012 fires Lou Ferrigno in week 8. Sunday’s The Celebrity Apprentice started with some major drama, as Arsenio Hall made an obscene rant about Aubrey O’Day‘s lack of teamwork during the previous challenge. Lisa Lampanelli did some screaming as well, slamming Hall for his language, and becoming outraged at teammates Lou Ferrigno and Dayana Mendoza for letting Dee Snider be fired.

Everyone had to band together, however, during the next challenge, in which both teams were asked to create a 60-second commercial promoting Entertainment.com and its mobile app. Mendoza (Team Forte) and Theresa Giudice (Team Unanimous) stepped up to be the project managers, and each team managed to execute their ad with little to no drama. In the boardroom, however, many of the competitors went full force, particularly Lampanelli and Ferrigno, who battled over each other’s strengths and weaknesses.When Trump announced that although both teams produced well-done commercials, Giudice’s team had won, Lampanelli and Ferrigno were left to go at it some more, along with Mendoza. Ultimately, Ferrigno was fired for his lack of meaningful contributions to the task and for surprisingly admitting he liked the other team’s ad better.

Amazingly, the bodybuilder asked for a second chance, and was, not surprisingly, denied.

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