Celebrity Apprentice 2012 fired Patricia Velasquez during 6th week. The Celebrity Apprentice mogul Donald Trump fired Patricia Velasquez during Sunday night’s sixth episode of the celebrity competition’s fifth season. Trump fired the actress and model after her Forte women’s team lost the season’s sixth task, which required Forte and Unanimous, the men’s team, to each create and throw a cocktail party to promote Crystal Light’s newest two flavors “peach bellini” and “pomtini.”

The parties were judged on creativity, brand messaging and the overall more “fun” party theme or concept. Both teams did extremely well, however Velasquez created signs which featured a larger “pomtini” word than “Crystal Light” itself. She failed to run all the signage by Aubrey because she often secluded herself from the rest of the team, and that left Aubrey a bit disappointed with how the brand messaging came out. “My advice to the remaining contestants is to always be honest. Back-stabbing and lying, it’s for me, an example of exactly what I don’t want to do with my life. I definitely don’t think that Mr. Trump made the right decision, but I think that being here and the opportunity to show him my Wayuu Taya Foundation and talk about what I’ve done with the creation of this charity, is such an incredible opportunity that I cannot be nothing but thankful,” Velasquez stated following her boot.

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