CBS’s “Hunted” kicked off with its series premiere on Sunday and we found out who survived the first round and who got caught last night in the Hunted debut.

Hunted CBS

We’ll be following along with nine pairs of the eighteen evaders or “the Hunted” while another eighteen “Hunters” try their best to track them down over the next 28 days of showtime. Let’s see what happened in the first go round.

So far we know the Hunted will have just a one hour headstart and a handful of cash to get them going before they head for any dark corner of the Southeast they can find. Any of them who can last 28 days without being apprehended will net themselves a cool quarter million dollars as their reward.

We’ve met the cast of Hunted is filled with family and friends working in duos but they’re amateurs while the professionals are right behind them. You can check out all we know on those pros sent in to stop the players.

The show kicked off as we meet Team David & Emiley. David Windecher explains he was in a gang growing up since he lived in a rough neighborhood. Emiley Cox is the daughter of a pastor, so I don’t think she has that background. David has been arrested 13 times. So, um, does that mean he’s bad at evading capture or was 13 just the number of times they actually caught him!

Next up we meet Team Angela & Michele. Angela Brinson and Michele Domineck are grade school friends but things are getting off to a rough start as Michele is no where to be found. Oops. Wait, here comes Michele and she’s hitched a ride in a tractor trailer. Nice!

Now we’ve got Team Matt & Christina. Matt Sundberg is 6’8″ so that’s not going to make it easy for him or the 5’11” Christina Zapolski. They’re greeted on the street by their tagalong camera crew and they’re off on the run. Eventually they work their way to a bus stop where they use their ATM card to get $100 (the withdraw limit per the game rules) and that immediately alerts the Hunters that they’re passing through. D’oh.

Oh yeah, here we go. Two teams of Hunters were waiting at the Atlanta bus stop for Team Matt & Christina. The evaders got off the bus and tried to run but it was too late. Hunters were required to make physical contact with the pair and they do just that.

Matt & Christina were caught on Hunted!

Team Matt & Christina - Hunted

What an oblivious move by those two. Using their ATM at the bus station you were about to use? But I did like the wigs attempt. That’ll totally hide you while a camera crew follows you around the streets. Doesn’t that seem like a general huge issue for all the teams?

Jumping back to David & Emiley, they’re being stalked right now and that’s all thanks to Emiley leaving an imprint of their June itinerary of where they’d be and when each day of that month. The Hunters know the street they’re staying on, but not the house number. David spots the black SUV and they’re tipped off so it’s in to the trunk of his friend’s car and they’re off on the run again. The last thing we see is their Hunters being suspicious of the car leaving the neighborhood so quickly… Cliffhanger! We’ll see what happens in the next episode.

Remember the premiere episode aired on Sunday to use the lead in from the AFC game but after that we’ll be watching Hunted on CBS each Wednesday night at 8PM ET/PT until early March when things switch over to Survivor 2017’s season. That starts this week as well and includes a two-hour episode on Wednesday this week only.

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