Another week, another captured team on Hunted. This week that honor went to Team Tran with Sentra and Thu falling victim to their basic need of food and a “run for the border.”

Team Thu and Sentra Tran on CBS's Hunted

After surviving 14 days on ramen noodles the pair thought the risk was worth the reward of some nachos and crunchy tacos, but they were mistaken and it ended their game. Thankfully, unlike last week, this episode’s capture appears to have played out in the same way we saw it at home.

Sentra and Tran explained how they had been playing it smart and staying in the woods for the first two weeks of their Hunted adventure but were finally too hungry not to gamble on venturing back in to town. Obviously that was a bad move and the Hunters found them enjoying their tacos right there in the parking lot. Hard to say if they wouldn’t have just been caught elsewhere had they kept moving, but they didn’t even have the chance to take flight.

Hunters spotted the team’s SUV in the parking lot, blocked them in, and then secured the capture. The ladies joked they were mid-bite when the knock on the door came and that was it for their game. Thu says in her interview that thinking about it still takes her breath away and Sentra notes she was in shock for the next five minutes. Neither could believe their game ended that quickly after days of successful evasion.

Lesson here for season two Fugitives: once in the wild, stay there! Taco Bell lunch is not worth $250,000. Unless it was a Cheesy, Crunchy Gordita. That might be worth it.