This week on Hunted we saw the quick arrival and capture of Team Will & Miles, but if you thought everything went down like we saw in the episode then you only got a small part of the story. In this new interview from CBS we hear directly from Will & Miles just how their capture happened.

Team Miles & Will talk capture on Hunted

On Wednesday we saw the guys pop back up in the show around Day 15 after no coverage of their first two weeks. Then after being sold out by someone they never met in the journey the guys quickly got out of Dodge only to be soon be caught in the next town. Well, not exactly.

Will and Miles explain that what actually happened was that once they arrived in the last town and made new friends with those boat owners it was actually two days of quiet rest before they were caught.

The episode was cut to suggest they were caught that same day but instead the team was laying low thinking the Hunters had given up and moved on. Then they got up on the third morning and a drone dropped down in their face and spotted them. How convenient and how not what the show suggested.

I’m enjoying Hunted, but the editing and presentation has serious flaws. Why didn’t they show that days had passed between the men arriving in the last town and finally being caught? Instead it was presented as a frenetic race without stopping until the capture. Why didn’t the editing reveal the drone dropped down to right in front of them? It seemed strange for the Command Center to declare visual confirmation of the guys from such a height with only blurry footage. Gaps in the show’s story big enough to drive a black SUV through.

Watch Team Miles & Will’s post-capture interview from Hunted:

If there isn’t time to show anything for a team between Day 1 and Day 15 then you’ve got too many teams. The season is half over next week and there is still another team yet to be revealed and start their journey. Fewer teams with lockstep of the timeline could fix some of the trouble here.

If the investigators are ranking the teams’ potential with how many days till capture and the point is to get to a certain number of days then the show needs to meter things by days and show us. I still have no way of knowing what number of days the teams lasted. I thought the guys were caught on Day 16, but if they were actually in the last town for 2+ days then maybe it was Day 18. No clue.

Clean it up, Hunted. This is a mess.