Team David & Emiley were my leading picks to win at Hunted but that came to a crashing end this week when the pair was picked up literally on the run. Now with their journey over the two sat down to talk about their adventure.

Hunted's Team David & Emiley

It’s always nice to see someone hold on to a very positive attitude even though things clearly didn’t go as they had hoped and that’s just what we get with Emiley and David who have nothing but good things to say about their time on the run and the experience they had.

These post-capture interviews are great for learning what we couldn’t from the incomplete story we get on the shows. Here we find out that during that very first week the Hunters were even closer to ending their hunt than we saw. David & Emiley describe seeing the black SUVs loop around in front of the house three or four times while they watch all this happen. They had to decide whether to go out the backdoor or try the car trunk. I’d say they made the right choice with the car escape.

As for the final day of their adventure when they found themselves back on the road with that hot license plate, they were actually going to drop off the car right then. David and Emiley didn’t realize the car was already being tracked at that point but they were at least doing the right thing just at the wrong time.

We almost got to find out what happens if one member of the team is caught and the other stays on the run when David and Emiley tried to split up and make it off on foot. That’s one of my outstanding questions from the Hunted rules but we’ll have to keep waiting on that one.

Watch their entire interview below to hear more from Team David and Emiley about their time on Hunted.