Well, NBC has made us wait three weeks before giving us the details on The Biggest Loser 2014 and which contestant comes back on The Biggest Loser Season 15. We were left wondering on the last episode, as host Alison Sweeney shocked everyone when she said it is the season of second chances and brought back all of the eliminated contestants this season and they have a second chance to earn a spot back into The Biggest Loser 2014! Check out who comes back below in our The Biggest Loser 2014 spoilers!

Biggest Loser 2014 Spoilers - Week 11 Preview

Last time on The Biggest Loser 2014, the teams were no more and all of the remaining contestants went down to individuals! They could not rely on their teammates to keep them in the game no longer if they had a bad week. It was also a double elimination, as the two contestants that fell below the Red Line would be eliminated. As it turns out, Hap and Matt both fell below the Red Line and were eliminated, sort of. Alison then sent the trainers out of the room and brought back all of the eliminated contestants to compete for a chance back in the competition! So, who comes back on The Biggest Loser 2014 tomorrow night?

Well, NBC is not hiding who it is, by any means. As you can see in the picture above, we have nine contestants competing in the challenge. We had only eight contestants remaining after the last weigh-in. Look in the middle and you can see a familiar, but eliminated face. Who is it? Well, that would be Bobby, who apparently won the competition and is back in the game!

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