We are in store for a big night on The Biggest Loser 2014, as we finally get to see what host Alison Sweeney meant when she brought back all of the eliminated contestants on The Biggest Loser Season 15 and said they had a second chance in the game! We have patiently waited and now it is time to see them compete for a spot back on The Biggest Loser 2014. Who comes back on The Biggest Loser Season 15 tonight? Find out during our Biggest Loser 2014 Live Recap and find out who got eliminated on The Biggest Loser 2014 tonight!

The Biggest Loser - Season 15

Last time on The Biggest Loser 2014, the teams were no more and all of the remaining contestants went down to individuals! They could not rely on their teammates to keep them in the game no longer if they had a bad week. It was also a double elimination, as the two contestants that fell below the Red Line would be eliminated. As it turns out, Hap and Matt both fell below the Red Line and were eliminated, sort of. Alison then sent the trainers out of the room and brought back all of the eliminated contestants to compete for a chance back in the competition! So, who comes back on The Biggest Loser 2014 tonight?

For sure, someone will be going home tonight on Biggest Loser 2013, so check out our predictions on how we think goes home tonight and stay tuned for our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Biggest Loser 2014 Live Recap or see who went home on The Biggest Loser Season 15 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…it is a new year and we have had some time off, so we look back at the trainers (Dolvett Quince, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper) picking the 15 contestants this season and their journey to this point!

We start things off by going back to the weigh-in and all the eliminated contestants back to find out who wins a spot back into the competition. They will each step on the scale and the person with the highest weight loss percentage will earn a spot back into the game. Here we go:

  • Matt is 26.12%
  • Hap is 21.59%, so he is eliminated
  • Ruben is 18.40%, so he is eliminated
  • Fernanda is 16.80%, so she is eliminated
  • Holley is 21.08%, so she is eliminated
  • Craig is 20.26%, so he is eliminated
  • Bobby is 27.09%, so he has the highest weight loss percentage and is back on The Biggest Loser 2014! The others all head home officially.

Bobby finds out about the triathlon at the end of the season and is worried since he cannot swim! It will be a Yellow Line tonight at the weigh-in, so the contestants will vote on the two players below the Yellow Line and they will be eliminated.

The trainers come into the house and see Bobby and are shocked to see him, but Bob is very excited. He knows that Bobby needs more time on the ranch and loves this opportunity. They chit chat a little, but then it is gym time and working out for the contestants. They are all worried with that Yellow Line since the bigger threats will be worried about falling below the line and being voted out.

We now take a closer look at some of the contestants. Jay looks so much different from the beginning. I just love Rachel and she makes me cry! I love the hour-long shows, but we don’t get this closer, in-depth look at the contestants and I miss that. It is back with the two-hour show tonight! I want to see David without that beard because I am sure he would look even smaller than he already does.

Jillian is working with Tanya, who seems to still be lacking that confidence at this point. Jillian thinks she falls down at the very end and doesn’t know why. Tanya is afraid to fail and it was because her mother abused her and always put her down. She tells her to be that parent to herself that she never had and do this for herself.

We look back at Hap and see where he is at now. Is anyone else annoyed by him? I started out as a fan and thought he was funny, but now he seems cocky and it looks like he has done no work all season long!

Time for tonight’s challenge on The Biggest Loser 2014. The contestants head to the beach and meet Alison Sweeney. The winner of this challenge will get $25,000 of gym equipment for their home from Planet Fitness! Each contestant has a pole with ten rungs on it. The sandy hill is filled with kettle bells. They must each grab ten kettle bells to win. There are golden kettle bells, which count for five rungs! The loser gets a one-pound disadvantage at the weigh-in.

Jay rushes to the top and uses the top row of bells to get a lead going. David is struggling, being the biggest guy out there. He is worried about being able to finish the challenge. Jay ad Rachel are tied with eight, but then Marie finds the golden kettle bell, so she moves up to eight! It is a tight race, but Jay gets the tenth bell first and wins the gym equipment! Rachel and Marie finish and then Chelsea finishes. Jennifer finishes and then David finishes. Tumi is done next and we are down to Bobby and Tanya. They are both struggling up that hill!

They each have one kettle bell remaining and are very close on that hill. Tanya got there, but struggled with lifting it up to the tenth rung. Bobby gets done first, so Tanya is in last place and has a one-pound disadvantage at the weigh-in!

David gets some time to video chat with his wife, who is gorgeous. He says he has realized that he has been holding himself back when it comes to her and their relationship because he was not happy with who he was. They are both now excited to see where life takes them now.

The contestants get a special visit from Abby Rike from The Biggest Loser Season 8. She gives them some words of wisdom from someone that has been there before. Bring on the tears!

Dolvett heads out to the racetrack with the remaining contestants to meet with NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, who happens to drive the car sponsored by Subway. They get some words from Carl, but it is all about working out and they do a workout at the racetrack! Tanya has that one-pound disadvantage, so she is working herself extra hard. Of course, Carl delivers some Subway salads and some more plugs for Subway!

Rachel gets a special delivery from her mother of some size 8 jeans she has carried around with her for every move she has made. She started The Biggest Loser Season 15 at a size 20, so she tries on the jeans and they fit! Get it, girl! And now some more plugs, as Dolvett brings in some Yoplait greek yogurt for the contestants to eat….how lame are these plugs tonight?

Jillian chats with Marie, who she thinks has not been someone she would consider The Biggest Loser this season. Marie wants to be pushed more and show she is worthy. Now time for the last chance workout on The Biggest Loser 2014. It is a Yellow Line, so they are all dreading it.

Time for the weigh-in on The Biggest Loser 2014. Two people will fall below the Yellow Line and the other contestants will vote one of them out. Here we go:

  • Tanya loses 3 pounds with the one-pound disadvantage, so she is at 1.00%
  • Bobby loses 7 pounds and 2.68%
  • David loses 12 pounds and 4.26%
  • Chelsea loses 6 pounds and 3.39%
  • Rachel loses 6 pounds and 3.59%
  • Jennifer loses 6 pounds and 3.08%
  • Jay loses 4 pounds and 2.04%
  • Marie loses 4 pounds and 2.14%
  • Tumi loses 4 pounds and 1.78%

That means that Tumi and Tanya are below the Yellow Line and are up for elimination tonight on The Biggest Loser 2014. They better be voting Tanya off!

The remaining safe contestants vote and time for Alison Sweeney to reveal the results on The Biggest Loser Season 15. Bobby votes Tumi. David votes Tumi. Jay votes Tumi. Marie votes Tumi. That means she has four votes and Tumi is eliminated tonight on The Biggest Loser Season 15! I am so angry, but it does make sense in a game standpoint because they all know they can beat Tanya in the finale.

Alison Sweeney tells the contestants they are now headed to the Olympic Training Facility and will be working out with some of the best Olympic athletes from past and present!

What do you think of the results on The Biggest Loser 2014 tonight?

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