The contestants on Biggest Loser 2014 are ready to knockout their pasts and go full-force into their futures and get back to their glory days on The Biggest Loser Season 16! This is a big week for the contestants, as they are coming off the high from Week 1 and can they keep things up for another week, especially at the weigh-in? Follow along during our Biggest Loser 2014 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Biggest Loser 2014 tonight with us!

The Biggest Loser - Season 16

Last week on The Biggest Loser Season 16, we had the premiere of the new season and 20 former athletes made their way to the Ranch. This was a new concept for the show, as all of these contestants used to be in the best shape of their lives and let it all go. They now want those old bodies back. We saw the introduction of new trainers Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstrom and the introduction of Comeback Canyon, where Bob Harper works with eliminated contestants to earn a spot back on the show. When all was said and done, Zina Garrison was the first eliminated contestant from Comeback Canyon!

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The fun begins real soon, so follow along with tonight’s premiere below in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Biggest Loser 2014 Live Recap or see who went home on The Biggest Loser Season 16 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we are back with Andrea and her arrival at Comeback Canyon. She is excited to see Bob Harper, but then gets nervous! She meets Vanessa and said this is her one chance and she is not going to blow it.

Jessie is not happy after his team’s loss at the weigh-in, so he sits down with them and helps them cook some food and work on nutrition. He shares some info with them and they all get emotional. They said it makes it easier knowing that Jessie is missing his family too and you can see his passion.

Back to the gym and Dolvett knows the other teams are after them after their win during Week 1. He said it is not just physical, but emotional issues they have to work on too. Jen never wants that feeling of losing one of her team members and is going to be working them hard. Jackie said her daughters always see her sad and upset and now she is doing this for her and to get the happy Jackie back. Jen is having some issues with Matt and he is not giving the effort everyone else is on the White Team. He is making excuses and dragging on the exercises. Blake is having anxiety issues and having a breakdown. She does not open up about things and Dolvett is not happy about it and said she’ll gain it all back. He wants her to open up now or leave the gym and she says no, so she leaves!

Dolvett kicks her out and said they all need to be open and Blake is hiding behind her smile. Later he has a team meeting and shares with them his story. Why would they open up to him when they haven’t heard his story. This inspires Blake to tell her story and she was 180 pounds when she was 13 years old. They have a good talk and Blake said she is going to be working on those emotions.

At Comeback Canyon, we have David versus Goliath and Andrea taking on the WNBA giant Vanessa. While she didn’t show much work at the ranch, Andrea is kicking butt at the Canyon and not letting the giant get to her!

CHALLENGE: The teams meet Alison Sweeney and she said that everyone makes excuses. There are four walls and each with a different excuse. They will be carrying a 60-pound punching bag along an obstacle course to knock down the walls and bring it to the end and hoist it up to ring the bell. The winning team gets guaranteed axis to the gym all week and the other teams may not! Mike is not medically cleared to do the challenge (he hurt his knee last week), so he sits out and Sonya sits out for White Team to make it fair.

The teams are moving along nicely and everyone is pretty much even. Blue Team has only one guy, so Damien is carrying that punching bag on his own! The Red and White teams are pulling ahead and Blue Team falling behind. White Team gets all their walls down first, but Red Team is right behind them. They are neck and neck, but who hits the bell first??? The White Team gets it up first and wins this challenge! While one member wants to go up against the best, they choose the Blue Team and they are not happy to be the weak team. The Red Team must regroup and do it on their own.

The next day, the trainers arrive at the gym and are shocked to not see the Red Team. The Blue Team is hating that comment about being the weaker team and using that fuel to light their fire. Dolvett talks to his team in the house and they are working out right in the house! They are rolling carpets, moving furniture and making it work.

MEDICAL EXAMS: Time for medical exams with Dr. Huizenga. He tells Scott that he has high sugar and he’d have diabetes within a year or two, which runs in his family. He shows them pictures of what he would look like if he kept gaining. Lori has high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. He mentions the weight gain could be why she has had the miscarriages. For Rob, he has sleep apnea and pre-diabetes and 1/4 testosterone as a guy his size. He said a wheelchair is in his immediate future with how his knees are and Rob is not happy and walks out screaming! He said every day he sees his Dad and doesn’t need the wheelchair to remind him. They work out their issues, but Rob has a lot of emotions to work out.

Jen thinks that Toma is working out hard and is committed, but not sure what brought him here and what is causing it. She sits down with him and he talks about his father dying and his weight has fluctuated since then. He wants one more day with his Dad and Jen said the grieving process was never complete and he needs to do that and end the grieving process.

It is time for the Last Chance Workout on Biggest Loser 2014. The Red Team heads to the field and track, since no gym for them! Emmy was on track when younger, so she feels at home here. Over at the gym, Jessie wants to show that the Blue Team is strong and working them hard and it is all about redemption for them. Jen thinks the White Team is strong and building momentum, but they can’t get complacent. Gina always had to keep a smile on her face and get over it, so Jessie tells her to get that anger out and get angry! More drama with Rob, as Dolvett said he is not going hard and he thinks he can’t do it like everyone else. Dolvett said he needs to get out of his own head and know he deserves this.

WEIGH-IN (COMEBACK CANYON) – The person with the highest weight loss percentage will be staying and the lower goes home.

  • Vanessa lost 5 pounds and 1.42%
  • Andrea lost 6 pounds and 2.61%, so she stays and Vanessa Hayden has been eliminated on The Biggest Loser 2014!

WEIGH-IN (RANCH) – The contestants come in for the weigh-in and the losing team will vote to send one person home. Here we go:

  • RED TEAM: Blake is down 8 pounds, Emmy is down 5 pounds, Mike is down 9 pounds, Jordan is down 8 pounds, Scott is down 10 pounds and Rob is down 12 pounds. That is a total of 52 pounds and 2.67%.
  • WHITE TEAM: To be safe, they need to lose more than 52 pounds. Toma is down 8 pounds, Sonya is down 7 pounds, Rondalee is down 8 pounds, Matt is down 10 pounds, Woody is down 12 pounds and JJ is down 12 pounds! That is a total of 57 pounds and 2.89%, so they are safe tonight on The Biggest Loser 2014!
  • BLUE TEAM: To be safe, they need to lose more than 40 pounds tonight. Gina is down 6 pounds, Lori is down 5 pounds, Chandra is down 9 pounds, Jackie is down 10 pounds and Damien is down 14 pounds. That is a total of 44 pounds and 2.90% and they are safe this week.

Time for the Red Team to vote on sending someone home tonight, but Blake was the biggest loser on the team and she is safe. If there is a tie, then the person with the lowest amount of weight loss percentage will be eliminated. Here are the votes:

  • Scotts votes out Emmy
  • Jordan votes out Emmy
  • Rob votes out Emmy and she was the lowest weight loss percentage of the night for the Red Team, so she has been eliminated

While Emmy is eliminated from the Ranch, she is not done and is greeted by Bob at Comeback Canyon to end the show!

What do you think of the results on Biggest Loser 2014 tonight?

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