Tonight on The Biggest Loser 2013, the Red Team will welcome back Ruben Studdard after Jillian Michaels cheated on the White Team and gave them caffeine supplements without the doctor’s permission. This made the last weigh-in on The Biggest Loser Season 15 invalid and Ruben got a second chance on The Biggest Loser 2013. With his return, will the Red Team improve or go back to their losing ways before Ruben left? Find out our thoughts with our Week 6 predictions below in our The Biggest Loser 2013 spoilers!

The Biggest Loser - Season 15

The main focus from last week on The Biggest Loser Season 15 had to be on Jillian Michaels and the cheating scandal. Forget everything else that happened during the episode, but the teams get to the weigh-in and host Alison Sweeney informs them that Jillian gave her team caffeine supplements the week before without the doctor’s permission, so it was illegal to do and the weigh-in from the week before was invalid! The White Team faced a four-pound penalty because of it, Ruben would return for the Red Team and the Blue Team had immunity again! Craig fell below the Red Line for the White Team again and was eliminated.

For tonight, I think the winning streak and this wave the Blue Team is riding has to come to an end. They have big numbers every week, but it must stop for one week at least. That week will happen tonight and the Blue Team will face their first Red Line, but Bob Harper still has his Trainer Save, so no matter who it is he will be using it on them!

Who do you think will be eliminated tonight on The Biggest Loser 2013?

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