Update: Mia Michaels will return this season and Mary Murphy will not be a permanent judge but will choreograph as well.  Also the judges will actually have more power than I originally thought because they will eliminate all the way until the last two or three and the viewers will choose the winner.

The hit summer dancing competition So You Think You Can Dance will have big changes this summer when it airs. 

First there will be no top 20 and only 1 finalist will be voted off each week instead of the usual 1 boy and 1 girl.  They will change partners each week instead of staying with the same one throughout the majority of the competition. 

The biggest change for SYTYCD is that there will only be a top 10. Of the final 10, who will be half guys and half girls, “one finalist will go home weekly,” Fox announced today. They will be paired with “former SYTYCD finalists who are skilled in various styles of dance, including ballroom, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary,” and those partners will change weekly. 

Nigel Lythgoe wrote on Twitter that “only the competitors will be judged not the All Stars.”  With this new system in place it seems the judges will give up most of its semi final round control to the viewers.  I personally liked the fact that the judges controlled the first part of the show because it ensured the really talented dancers stuck around for a while.

What do you think about these new changes?

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