He was adamant about hitting that golden button on Big Brother 2014, but it looks like it could all come full circle and bite Frankie in the butt tonight on Big Brother 16! He had all the power in Week 11, but now they rewound the entire week and things are starting over for Week 12 on Big Brother 2014. Frankie should be concerned! Watch it with us tonight during our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who won Head of Household on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 36 Preview

Last time on Big Brother 16, it was the live eviction show and the HGs were ready to say goodbye to Victoria. However, they hit that golden button and knew something was coming up. They had been speculating all week on what hitting that button meant and they finally had their answers: it meant having to redo the entire week starting back at the see-saw HoH competition that Frankie won, but Caleb was close to winning and dropped a ball right at the very end! The competition started, but we had some time before the finish.

The fun starts soon, so follow along with the action tonight during our Big Brother 16 Live Recap below!


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Thanks to football, we will have an 8:50pm EST start time tonight….see you all then!

Here we go….we go back to the HoH competition from Wednesday night. We see Frankie trying to make sure everything stays the same and they keep Victoria as the target. However, Derrick is cheering on the guys before the comp so they win and go after Frankie!

Frankie said he is a comp beast, especially after his wins last week, so he would be a target. This is why he should have thrown the Veto Comp to not have the target get bigger on his back last week. Caleb and Cody seem to be out in the lead and Frankie right behind them. Victoria was doing much better, but then drops a seed and must start over! Beast Mode Cowboy was in the zone and crouching down big time and he hits that buzzer and wins HoH for Week 12 on Big Brother 2014!

Derrick, Cody and Caleb are celebrating and happy while Frankie showers. Frankie talks with Derrick about keeping the noms the same and he said he hopes Caleb does, which is a lie. And we have Cody back in the dinosaur costume!

Now Caleb talks to Derrick and said he doesn’t want to put Frankie up before veto in case he wins it. Derrick feeds Caleb’s ego and said he is a comp beast and Frankie is going after him no matter what next time if he stays. Caleb and Cody talking and Caleb doesn’t want to put up Frankie and now wants Derrick to go up, but Cody doesn’t like that either.

Victoria continues her acting job of hating Derrick and does it in front of Frankie and he seems to believe it. As they show the guys worrying about putting Frankie up on the block to begin with, this is how it went and we never knew what was going to happen until that Nomination Ceremony. The nerves were insane!

Now we see Caleb, Cody and Derrick talking one more time and Caleb is worried about putting up Frankie. However, Derrick has the plan to scare Caleb and it works! Derrick said if they don’t put up Frankie at first then he could win veto and take Victoria off the block and then Cody or Derrick would go home. Derrick is guaranteeing that he will win veto and if he doesn’t and Frankie does, then put him up!

The HGs sleep all freaking day and miss these signs, but the TV screen comes up with Luxury Competition coming. They then head up to the second HoH room and have a TV and lots of breakfast food. Cody can take off the dinosaur costume. The TV comes on and the jury members come in and start trashing the house!!!

LUXURY COMPETITION: The jury members will compete for the money, as they will go through the house and find hidden pucks. If they find one, then they run out to the backyard and put it in the juror they want Knocked Out! The remaining HGs are partnered with one of the jurors. The winning combo will get $10,000. Frankie picks Zach, Derrick pick Donny, Victoria picks Hayden, Cody picks Nicole and Caleb picks Jocasta. No one picks Christine, so maybe she would get all the money.

Jocasta gets the first puck and takes out Christine! Nicole gets the next puck and takes out Zach! Nicole gets the next one and takes out Donny, who was hoping to win the $5,000 to make up for that Frankie play! He is knocked out, but is looking for something to eat! Nicole finds another one and takes out Jocasta, so it is Hayden and Nicole left! Hayden gets the last puck and jokes about putting it in his own, but Nicole says no and promises him a kiss! Hayden and Victoria win $5,000 each.

The HGs are released from the second HoH room and that Big Brother 2014 house is a mess!!! Victoria is pissed about the bitter jury members! They act like it is a bitter jury and not that the jury was told to ruin the house! Will they show Victoria’s necklace ruined, which was worth $35, and she was furious about it, even though she won $5,000!

The HGs have cleaned up and now talking about getting tattoos to remember each other and Caleb wants everyone to get “Heard Dat” for his catchphrase. They all make fun of him for it. Maybe “at the end of the day” would be better?

NOMINATIONS CEREMONY: Time to see what Caleb has decided to do on Big Brother 2014! Frankie, thankfully, has brought back those blue shorts….we all have missed them! For his nominees, Caleb has nominated Victoria and Frankie and he is pissed! Caleb goes on and on and talks about Frankie being his queen and brings out a pawn piece and he is the pawn.

What do you think of the nominees on Big Brother 16 tonight?

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