It looks like the HGs on Big Brother 2014 will be opening that backdoor tonight on Big Brother 16 and one HG is going to be in for a shocker come Thursday night! It is time for Veto Night on Big Brother 2014 and we will see Team America try to accomplish their third mission, but will Frankie, Derrick and Donny be able to do it? Watch with us during our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Hayden

If you have missed any of my Big Brother 2014 spoilersthen tonight will be a big surprise to you. All these events take place by Monday in the Big Brother 2014 house and we just get to see them tonight on CBS! Last time on Big Brother 16, we saw the fifth Nomination Ceremony of the season and the fifth Battle of the Block competition take place, which left us with one Head of Household and two nominees on the block. Jocasta and Victoria remain on the block, but the Power of Veto takes place tonight!

The fun starts soon, so follow along with us tonight during our Big Brother 16 Recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Recap or see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we see Frankie celebrate being the lone HoH for Week 5 and Zankie will be taking a shower together? Now Christine, Hayden and Nicole chat and glad Zach is no longer HoH and think he is crazy. Now Victoria is crying after their loss and Jocasta is trying to calm her down, but Victoria is not having it.

Up in the HoH, Zach wants to start a new alliance with Frankie, Cody and Hayden and Cody said no more alliances for him. Zach is bored, so he goes to eat in front of Christine and Nicole, both Have-Nots! He is a complete asshole about it and said “that’s what you get for being lazy” to Nicole! Frankie and Cody talk and know that Zach needs to go, even if he is in the alliance. Cody said if Frankie puts up Zach then he will blow up everything, which is so true!

More tears (stupid Big Brother 2014)! Derrick gets the letter from home that his grandfather has passed away! He gives the letter to the living room, but goes to the Have Not Room and has some alone time. The HGs are shocked, but the letter said to stay. They all sit in silence in the living room…so sad!

Time to pick players for the Veto Competition. They will be Frankie, Jocasta, Victoria, Donny (King of the Veto), Hayden (picked by Victoria) and Christine! They didn’t want Caleb or Amber to get picked, so the backdoor is still in the picture. Christine is pissed about being a nominee, so if she wins she will keep the nominees the same!

Caleb is no longer into Amber and the Beast Mode Cowboy is back and no more romantic guy! He is the king of this house.

VETO COMPETITION: It is perfect for the Beast Mode Cowboy, but he is not playing in it! They will have to rock a horse back and forth 60 times. They will then stack gold bars before the time runs out. They must get 50 gold bars stacked without letting their time run out. If they go to 0, then they are out or can choose to eat slop for a week. First one done will win veto! It was a close one between Christine and Hayden, but Hayden pulled it out in the end and wins veto.

Up in the HoH room, Hayden said he is using the veto on Victoria. Frankie wants to backdoor Amber, so that plan works out. He needs to get Caleb on board with it first. Gotta love Zach, as he said the showmance that never was is on the rocks and he is going in for the attack! He gets info from Amber and then he runs to Caleb and blows smoke to him. Caleb now wants to scare Amber and looks like he’ll be fine putting Amber on the block, but as a scare tactic.

VETO MEETING: Hayden takes Victoria off the block and Frankie puts Amber up as the renom. Hayden finishes the meeting, but Zach interrupts and Zach goes off on Amber and says some nasty things, but Amber has no response. Team America: mission failed! I love it because they think they did it, but that was lame!

What do you think of the final nominees for Week 5 on Big Brother 2014 tonight?

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