Another week of Big Brother 2014 is upon us and we have a night of new nominees and Battle of the Block competition tonight on Big Brother 16. We get to see everything go down once Frankie and Zach won HoH for Week 5 last time. Now we get the BotB winners and the new target for Week 5, but who is it? Find out during our Big Brother 2014 Spoiler Recap and see who won Battle of the Block on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 13 Preview 4

Last time on Big Brother 16, we had the fourth live eviction show of the season. Yet again, we had a unanimous vote and the HGs sent Brittany home. The power alliance remains and they are calling the shots. We were all hoping for Donny to win one of the HoH spots for Week 5. He could change the plan of attack for the week, but it was Frankie and Zach taking home the victory and now we just sit and wait for what they have planned for this week.

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The fun starts soon, so follow along with us tonight during our Big Brother 16 Recap below!


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Here we go…Derrick said he couldn’t take away the picture of his grandpa, so he threw it to him. Then we see more tears from Frankie and then Zach said his target is Amber! With Brittany gone, Donny thinks it is him, Jocasta and Victoria they throw up and toy with!

Frankie and Zach talk about their nominations and they want Amber gone this week. Frankie doesn’t want blood on his hands and Zach doesn’t care and wants to piss off Caleb.

Zach and Frankie get their HoH rooms and Frankie gets pictures of his grandpa and it is nice to see. We then see Zach talk with Frankie and Christine and Zach wants to put up Amber and Christine and have her throw it, but she is not having it. He wants her to earn stripes for the team, but who would want to go on the block??? Zach is getting pissed!

Caleb hates pickles, but Amber teases him about going on a date if he eats one! He won’t let it go, as he eats a pickle later on! He gets the date, after Frankie convinces her to go. This is the most awkward date ever. He says one thing and she says “yeah” or says the opposite. She said it is her first and last date, but he thinks it is the best date ever. How can he not catch on?

Frankie, Zach and Cody talk and they want Amber out. Zach loves stirring up drama and he is still pissed about Christine saying no and they don’t understand why he wants one of his own alliance on the block. He is starting to get a little wild and no one trusts him or do they know. Now Zach talks with Nicole and tells her the plan and Christine not going on the block. He thinks Nicole is gullible, but then she kind of plays him and gets him to hint at more and more alliance info!

We see Derrick and Cody talking and they are working their F2 deal, but know Zach is a liability and Derrick said too many people still in The Detonators. They pick The Hitmen for their alliance name, but didn’t this happen a long time ago???

TEAM AMERICA MISSION: Donny gets the mission, which is to have two HGs to have a heated argument for 20 seconds or longer at the Nomination Ceremony or Veto Meeting.

In the HoH, Zach is working on his speech for the Nominations Ceremony. Derrick and Frankie are encouraging him on to say bad things about Christine.

Amber is worried about Zach coming after her, so she goes to talk with him at 5:00am! Zach acts like everything is fine, but he won’t nominate her because she is the backdoor target!

NOMINATIONS CEREMONY: Frankie is first and he nominates Jocasta and Victoria. Zach is second and he nominates Christine and Nicole. Zach proceeds to call Christine a floater and Nicole a fruit loop dingus and gets no reaction from them. They actually laugh it off and thinks he is crazy!

BATTLE OF THE BLOCK COMPETITION: It looks like a wedding scene for tonight on Big Brother 16! They will build a giant wedding cake and then have to crawl to the top and stand on top. Nicole and Christine have won, so they are off the block and Zach is dethroned as HoH. We have Victoria and Jocasta on the block still and Frankie as the lone HoH.

What do you think of the results on Big Brother 16 tonight?

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