The live eviction show on Big Brother 2014 tonight is back, as Julie Chen makes her weekly appearance to chat with the HGs and see who is voted off Big Brother 16 tonight. It seems like we all know how these results are going to go, but maybe something is in the air and it will go differently? We also get to find out the winners of HoH for Week 5 tonight. Watch with us during our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 4 Nominees

Last night on Big Brother 16, we saw the Power of Veto drama unfold for Week 4. We saw people getting their butt kicked and people kicking soccer balls and Caleb thinking about himself and only himself, which should come back and hurt him! In the end, we had Brittany and Donny on the block and it looks like Brittany is the main target for Week 4.

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However, moods change in the Big Brother 2014 house, so you never know what could happen tonight! The fun starts soon, but in the meantime check out our predictions for who we think goes home tonight! Our live recap starts soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Live Recap or who went home on Big Brother 2014 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we go back to the Veto Meeting and the emotions are high. Brittany did not want to be up next to him and the only one she didn’t want to be up against. Cody is in the HoH room and a crying mess!

Derrick talks with Donny and said he has his vote and he thinks someone is behind Cody’s decision and thinks Derrick is the King Pin! Now Cody and Donny talk and Donny is trying to get info from Cody, but he is not getting anything. Donny is worried he could go home, but everyone says he is safe.

Time for the Kleenex, as Frankie will learn about his grandpa! A beautiful letter from his mother and it is such an emotional time. I am a hot mess right now and it is a touching moment for Frankie and his family.

Julie heads into the house to chat with the HGs. She gives her condolences to Frankie. Caleb said he has things to take care of at home and that is why he took the cash. Zach is glad to be going to Germany and glad no one took it from him. Cody said putting up a renom was the hardest part of being the HoH. Julie announces the Have Nots are based on the laziest HGs from their activity trackers this week. The Have Nots are Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derrick! If they become HoH, they will not be a Have Not any more.

Time for the vote on Big Brother 2014:

  • Jocasta (sadly) votes to evict Brittany
  • Nicole votes to evict Brittany
  • Hayden votes to evict Brittany
  • Amber (sadly) votes to evict Brittany
  • Derrick (sadly) votes to evict Brittany
  • Caleb (sadly) votes to evict Brittany
  • Christine votes to evict Brittany
  • Victoria (happily) votes to evict Brittany
  • Zach votes to evict Brittany
  • Frankie votes to evict Brittany

In another unanimous vote, Brittany has been eliminated on Big Brother 16 tonight!

HOH COMPETITION: It is called “Country Hits” and they will face-off in pairs and hear a country song that represents a HoH, PoV or Battle of the Block competition. Answer right and you survive and pick next two that compete. Get it wrong and eliminated. Frankie and Zach have won and are the two Heads of Household for Week 5!

TEAM AMERICA MISSION: They will be playing puppet master and try to get two HGs to fight at Nominations Ceremony or Veto Meeting!

What do you think of the results on Big Brother 16 tonight?

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