I know it is only Wednesday, but we have some special events on Big Brother 2013 this week and two eviction shows on CBS for Big Brother 15, so we have another HouseGuest joining the jury house tonight! That means it is time for some of our Big Brother 2013 spoilers and our predictions for the Week 11 eviction on Big Brother 2013. Check out our thoughts in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 - Week 11 Nominees

With tonight being a special eviction show, things will run a little differently. It is not a live eviction, but one that was taped yesterday in the house! Last time on Big Brother 2013 we saw Spencer put up GinaMarie and McCrae on the block, but is that how it ended up after the veto was put into play?

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We will see it all go down tonight on Big Brother 2013, but our Big Brother 2013 spoilers give us the heads up for those not wanting to wait for the shows on CBS! This is what we should anticipate for tonight:

  • McCrae won the Power of Veto
  • McCrae took himself off the block
  • Spencer put up Judd as the renom
  • Judd and GM were the final nominees for Week 11
  • The Exterminators will lose one of their own because of McCrae winning veto and it looks like Judd will be walking through the doors for the second time this season tonight

I am a fan of Judd and wish he would stay, but he got wrapped up in a bad alliance and no one can see the true colors of Andy and we have to deal with him for at least another day or two (let’s hope)!

Who do you think is going home tonight on Big Brother 2013?

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