We are in for an eventful night tonight on Big Brother 2013, as the Big Brother 15 finale is upon us and time for the winner of Big Brother 2013 to be announced, but after a lot of other things wrapping up first! We are down to three HouseGuests (Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer) in the house and one of them will be winning $500,000. Many people don’t want any of them ti win, but one of them will walk away with the money! Find out who won Big Brother 2013 tonight with us during our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap!

Big Brother 15 - Final 3

This has been a long season and a tough season to cover at times, but it is exciting to finally find out who won the big prize and see who the jury members vote for. It’s always crazy to see how the HGs acted all season long to each other, but then see how they vote.

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We not only have the live vote tonight on Big Brother 2013, but we also get to see all three parts of the final Head of Household competition take place. Then we get some jury house footage, as Dr. Will Kirby (Big Brother 2 winner) pays the jurors a visit! That should be intense and also funny to see which of the ladies throw themselves at him! Watch it all with us during our Live Recap starting soon, but check out my predictions for tonight in the meantime!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap or who won Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we look back at things and now time for this to get started!

Back to Part 1 of the HoH competition and it is so funny to see Spencer struggle and GM make it look easy. They speed it up and down goes Spencer! Foam is added and bubbles, but Andy falls and GM wins Part 1 of the final HoH competition! Glitter comes down and she makes a glitter angel and is moving on to Part 3!

Part 2 of the HoH competition: it is a battle between Andy and Spencer and it is the bottom of the ocean. They must harness down to the sand and find crabs of all the evicted HGs this season on Big Brother 2013 and put them in order. They do it separately and the eon done quickest will win.

Andy gets done in 21:54 and Spencer gets it done in 36:11, so Andy wins.

Here comes Dr. Will with the jury house! They find out McCrae got evicted and joins them. Candice does not like Amanda and that’s it and she is not in Candi-land. They seem to be pro-GinaMarie. Dr. Will said Candice will be voting on character. Aaryn said her and Candice have gotten close and Dr. Will asked if she made her house in the jury house!!! This is a funny segment and who knows what way they will vote. I think GM gets the most votes if she makes it. What do you think? Dr. Will said they need to vote on their own and not what anyone tells them. Remember that one McCrae!

Part 3 of final HoH competition: in a 5-4 win, Andy wins and he gets to pick the Final 2.

Time for Andy to make the big decision on Big Brother 2013. He is guaranteed $50,000, so ugh. He says he has loyal with his word to Spencer, but he gave his word to GM on Night 1 and he votes to evict Spencer!!! I am shocked and we still have hope for GM!!!

Spencer tells Julie Chen he felt this would happen and Andy was more loyal to GM. We hear Andy and GM in the house while Spencer talks and it is annoying!

Jury comes out and Spencer joins them. The jury questions them all and it seems that Andy will be the winner, which makes me sick.

Time for the jury to vote and they insert the key of the person they want to win. Candice loves and respects this person, so she is voting for Andy. Jessie is voting for the person who she thinks played the most consistent game. Helen is voting on the best game she wish she could have played. Aaryn said this person has always been there for her and she has to be there for them. Amanda for the best person and the best player in this game. Elissa is voting for the flawless social game and made deal with everyone. Judd says may the best Exterminator win. McCrae wants the winner to buy drinks and Spencer voting for the best player of the game.

We talk with the former HGs and it is pointless. Howard hopes people grow from this and Julie mentions the HGs making national headlines, but doesn’t go past that!

Time to reveal the jury votes:

  • Spencer votes Andy
  • McCrae votes Andy
  • Judd votes GinaMarie
  • Elissa votes Andy
  • Amanda votes Andy
  • Aaryn votes GinaMarie
  • Helen votes Andy

I am surprised by Judd’s vote, but we have our winner folks. Andy Herren is the winner of Big Brother 15 and GM gets a big hug from Nick, so she doesn’t care!

The Top 3 vote-getters for America’s Favorite HouseGuest were Elissa, Judd and Howard. The winner is Elissa, so she gets $25,000 and Andy should be killing himself, right? Seems like a waste since he just won $500,000!

What do you think of the results tonight on Big Brother 2013?

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