What a weekend we have seen in the Big Brother 2013 house, as Aaryn won Head of Household for Week 5 on the live eviction show last time on Big Brother 15 and things got interesting. We all wanted her to go home, but now she is in charge of things on Big Brother 2013, or is she following Helen and the gang and doing as she is told? We find out tonight during our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap and see who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 2013 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Aaryn Gries

This has been quite an interesting little run that Aaryn Gries has gone on for Big Brother 2013. She has dealt with racial slurs and homophobic slurs (and a loss of her job once she leaves the house), but for some reason the HouseGuests keep her around. They don’t consider her a threat (even though she won the HoH competition this week) and know they can beat her in Final 2. That means we have to deal with her for a while longer!

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Last time on Big Brother 2013, we saw Aaryn make a deal with Helen to do as she says if they don’t vote out Aaryn. The vote was already set to evict Kaitlin Barnaby, but Helen worked it out for this plan. Will Aaryn follow along tonight or do her thing and be the bratty, spoiled girl she has been all season long? Find out in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap or who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 2013 tonight by the HoH? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…Aaryn was feeling lost and now feels she hooked onto the majority of the house, but did she? Helen thinks she may have made a deal with the devil.

Let the butt-kissing begin and no one can keep a secret in this house! Helen wants Aaryn to put up Howard and Spencer as her nominees. Jessie told Candice about this deal, but Helen thinks it was Elissa. No one keeps a secret and they all tell each other everything.

Helen is pissed at Elissa, but it was Jessie who told Candice. Now the target might be on Elissa. More racist comments from Aaryn, who talks about “asked” and “axed” and said she learned that from Candice, who happens to be a speech therapist. Aaryn has no clue!

Bubble bath time for Amanda and McCrae and they say “I love you” to each other and him meeting her parents. Did that just happen?

Spencer comes up to the HoH room and wants to keep himself off the block, so he is trying to defend himself. He thinks it is time for a power shift on Big Brother 2013 and he is right. She follows along with Helen and then next week she will be gone! He is making valid points and if she was smart she would listen.

Now Howard wants to try and safe himself, knowing he may have a target on his back for Big Brother 2013. He wants Aaryn to make a power move, but she is going to follow along with the house to stay safe. All this bold move talk makes me want her to make a move on her own: put up Elissa and Helen!

The sirens are going off in the Big Brother 15 house and the HGs get a special message from Poppy Montgomery. It is time for the Have, Have-Not Competition. They randomly picked teams and have two parts. They will have to stack “evidence” on a table and the first team that gets it stacked first gets an advantage in Round 2.

Orange Team decides to run in and get all the items first. Purple Team is stacking as they go and the Green Team is too. Orange is done first and then Green Team is second. For the second part, they have to re-stack the evidence on the shelves and they must put them back in their original position!!! Last team to do it will be the Have-Nots!

Orange is done first, so Andy, McCrae, Elissa and Aaryn are Haves. Green Team is second, so Spencer, Howard, Helen and Jessie are Haves. That means that GinaMarie, Candice, Judd and Amanda are Have-Nots.

Candice and Howard are talking and she is wanting to talk to Aaryn, but doesn’t want to start a fire. She thinks it is time to make a power move and put up Amanda and McCrae. He tells her to go get her bed! Candice goes to try and change Aaryn’s mind and told her to put up Amanda and McCrae, but that did nothing. Aaryn tunes her out and wants to protect Amanda because she has saved her. Amanda and Aaryn are getting closer.

Candice is getting paranoid and now she goes off on Howard and thinks he might be playing her and she wants to talk to no one! Now Jessie, GinaMarie and Aaryn are talking and Aaryn thinks Howard and Spencer would not go after her next week if they stayed, but Elissa would and she wants her gone. GM tells her to go with the house or she is screwed next week when not the HoH.

Aaryn gets ready for the Nomination Ceremony and still thinks these are her picks on Big Brother 2013 for Week 5: GinaMarie is safe. Jessie is safe. Andy is safe. Elissa is safe (and shocked). Candice is safe. Helen is safe. McCrae is safe. Amanda is safe. Judd is safe. That means that Howard and Spencer are the nominees this week by Aaryn. She said it is nothing personal, but what is best for her game.

What do you think of her decision tonight on Big Brother 2013?

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